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Today brings you children’s fun crafts——

Simple bow origami tutorial illustration. This is a craft that children can easily complete.

This simple bow is very practical Oh, can be used for storage boxes, greeting cards, gift boxes, origami lollipops, magic wands and other types of handicrafts, the production process is also very simple, a few steps can be easily completed, and it looks good! How to make it, let’s take a look with Xiaoxi!

Simple bow origami tutorial illustration

Let’s start with the picture above

The materials we need to prepare are: a rectangular piece of paper, the aspect ratio is 2:1, the paper size is not limited, according to your own needs to choose it. In addition to this, prepare scissors, double-sided tape.

Start by removing a rectangular piece of paper.

Fold in half (longitudinally) along the middle, draw two short horizontal lines with a black pen.

Then draw two arcs on both sides.

Cut along the line with scissors. Then turn it on.

Apply double-sided tape to the middle part.

The left and right parts are folded inward and glued to the middle part.

Wasn’t there any leftover paper when the outer outline was cut just now? Cut out a small thin strip.

Glue the small strip in the middle of the bow and a simple and good-looking bow decoration is complete, have you learned?

Well, that’s it for today’s tutorial, we’ll see you in the next issue.

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