From July 14th to 16th, the 21st CBME Pregnancy, Baby and Child Exhibition (2021CBME Shanghai) will kick off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As the top international event in the industry, CBME attracts thousands of maternity and child brands from all over the world every year, and has become a veritable industry vane. As a new consumer new mother and baby brand, Babycare has been an invited exhibitor of CBME for 4 consecutive years since its first participation in the exhibition in 2018. From single product creation to building a family consumption lifestyle, how did Babycare break the game?

In-depth insight into user needs and adherence to the heart of the product

From product design and development to marketing experience, Babycare continues to gain insight into the pain points of users in the new era, with the original intention of “making products with the heart of parents” and understanding of the maternal and baby industry, from the durable goods market to the FMCG market.

In 2014, Babycare entered the mother and baby market through a lumbar stool. At that time, the waist stools on the market were not easy to use, and the price was also high and low. Babycare grasped the pain points of the maternal and infant track in the subdivision of the lumbar stool, and conducted in-depth research on the entire function of the human body in accordance with the recommendation of the orthopedic surgeon in the design; Take the middle price band in the price, set a reasonable price, and successfully launch this innovative waist stool that can free parents’ hands, instantly prying the market.

The success of the waist stool category has laid a good foundation for Babycare to explore other categories. Subsequently, through the insight of user needs and the continuous improvement of the supply chain system, Babycare began to broaden the track and enter the field of watercup tableware. According to the logic of the single product creation and product layout dimension of the waist stool, feeding categories such as water cups and tableware were launched. Behind the hit is a deep insight into the user’s pain points, such as water cup products, Babycare is the first on the market to do gravity balls on straws, that is, insight into the baby’s low strength, can not hold the cup well, if lying or the cup tilted, less water in the cup, the baby is likely to not drink. The design of the gravity ball allows the baby to sit, lie, lie down, lie down, lie on the stomach, and drink milk easily no matter what position, which has been more favored by parents and parents.

Extending from the durable goods market to the FMCG market, Babycare’s first product was wet wipes. Before the advent of Babycare wipes, most of the wipes on the market were 30g or 40g, and Babycare used Sateri recycled fiber as raw material to produce 80g of wipes, which are called “cloth” like wet wipes. Babycare’s quality requirements have also further raised the industry’s minimum standards. Then to the later royal weak acid diapers, babies wearing diapers are most prone to problems such as red butt and diaper rash, and parents are also very headaches. In order to help parents have a clearer understanding and solve this problem, Babycare cooperated with Dr. Lilac to establish the Red Butt Research Institute, popularizing knowledge for parents, and bringing a trilogy of wipe and maintenance, guiding parents to raise children scientifically and reduce the phenomenon of red butt.

From waist stools to feeding supplies, to wet wipes and diapers, the needs of users are like the colorful colors of everything in the world, which requires us to dig carefully and analyze carefully, there will be thousands of directions and choices in this process, but no matter which direction and choice, they all carry Babycare’s deep insight and long-term continuous attention to users, and carry the original intention that Babycare has always adhered to.

Babycare content and productize the user’s problems with insight. In terms of knowledge and products, we continue to build more scientific services for users. In the process of continuously meeting the needs of users, grasp the product positioning, achieve brand breakthrough, and drive the healthy development of the industry.

Continuously extend the layout of the industry and build a new consumption ecosystem for families

Babycare regards every product as a small companion to the journey of life, with the values of “making products with the heart of parents”, the brand concept of “aesthetic education for new life”, and the products of “high appearance, high quality and high safety”, which brings new parenting experience to new consumer groups and new ideas for the development of the industry.

In the mother and baby track, whether it is newborns or market share, China is undoubtedly the first in the world. Therefore, in a narrow sense, Babycare can fully achieve the goal of “becoming the world’s first mother and baby brand” in the short term. But Babycare doesn’t stop there, and its long-term goal is to expand from mother and baby to household consumption. For example, the sub-brands wiya and small N, based on mother and baby to mother and then female users, penetrate the mother and baby track to cover pan-population users, and Babycare is gradually radiating from maternal and infant ecology to pan-maternal and infant ecology.

With its forward-looking judgment, Babycare continues to break through its own track, extend the industry layout, build a pan-maternal and infant ecosystem, and is committed to providing users with a one-stop global interoperable shopping experience and being a proposer of a new generation of family lifestyle.

It is reported that this year’s CBME exhibition will set up “natural products”, “nutritional products”, “daily chemicals”, “family indoor play”, “obstetrics and pan-maternal and baby services”, “learning tables and fine furniture”, “outdoor riding and play”, “smart retail”, “supply chain”, “natural products” and other sub-category exhibition areas in response to the new needs of the sub-category market, to meet the new needs of different scenarios and people.

The one-stop shopping experience that Babycare strives to build is highly consistent with the concept of this exhibition. How will Babycare present multiple life scenes from the perspective of new students and create a new family lifestyle? More exciting and surprises, Babycare is with everyone at the scene!