Hip pants are a kind of close-fitting pants, can be said to be one of the very sexy lady pants, can let you show your fashion anywhere, hip jeans are very elegant to wear, with T-shirts are beautiful, Xiaobian today introduces you to 4 very good-looking hip culottes.

Match 1: irregular Hong Kong style hip-wrapped jeans culottes + pink T-shirt

How can you lack a pair of culottes in summer, and this is a very popular A-boy fit hip culottes this year, with a slim effect, the upper body is a girly short T-shirt, which is also an indispensable item in summer, pink T-shirt with denim shorts is very fashionable and good-looking, as a fashionable how can you not love this stylish match? With a pure white hat, you can go shopping beautifully, such a cool look makes you more than a little more beautiful.

Match 2: Korean version of hip-wrapped jeans culottes + white letter T-shirt

If you are a girl who likes denim skirts but is afraid of walking away, then this denim culotte is especially suitable for you, this is a pair of culottes designed like denim short skirt shape, a little A-shaped and very high waist style, you can expose your small waist, with a simple white letter T-shirt can easily go out on the street, summer hot weather is very suitable for a hat, so wear very Korean style.

Match three: raw edge hip denim culottes + white T-shirt

Jean culottes are the most rare in the summer wardrobe, this is a relatively basic model, a little small A-shaped fit, can cover the crotch well, crotch wide girls must try it, the front short back long pants is the hot denim culottes in the past two years, with a little different, mainly really show the leg length, elongated the body, the raw edge of the trousers also makes this pants a little uninhibited, not very rigid, with a white T-shirt out on the street looks very foreign.

Match four: high-waist ripped denim culottes + white T-shirt

When you are entangled in whether you should wear denim shorts or denim skirts, this hip-wrapped denim culottes can solve your troubles, very slim and slim fit, fashionable and enhance temperament, the fit is so good that you don’t want to take it off, culotte design plus tie elements, stylish and stylish.

This year, it’s very popular to wear “hip-wrapped” denim culottes, paired with a T-shirt to make you look a little more than a little!