The electric sofa at home does not rotate, knowing that it is more troublesome, but also can only do their own repair, the whole set of controller to the other side to try did not respond, can only disassemble the controller motor plastic shell, directly with the sofa with its own power supply to build the two lines of the motor (with its own power supply 29V), the motor can rotate, so that the motor is normal, and then the problem of the limit adapter switch inside, directly disassemble the entire controller to find.

The two limit transfer switches have a poor contact, can only be temporarily sprayed with the cleaning agent DW40 on the circuit, and the multimeter test can be turned on and off (this limit transfer switch has been bought on Taobao, and the next time it will be replaced by the same failure).

This sofa should be dismantled with the above tools, 11mm set of simple two bars, 11mm open handle and 10mm hexagon handle.

Functionality returns to normal. Now every family has a lot of modern equipment, so be sure to do it yourself, use your brain, and take a good picture before each disassembly, so as not to make a mistake when assembling. I don’t know what the price is for repairs, and the waste of silver for minor repairs is really not worth it.