Is your outfit still the same? Although the weather is getting colder in autumn and winter, we still can’t relax our requirements for ourselves, and we must pursue a variety of styles and fashion simplicity in dressing. And the simple style is also more daily, fashionable elves like it very much!

Elegant commuting style, floating band double-sided wool coat + British vintage wool check skirt + high-heeled boots, super eye-catching workplace wear, especially like the floating collar design of this coat, casually wrapped around the neck is very elegant, the fabric is soft, but very stylish, and not easy to pleat, with umbrella skirt and heeled boots, elongated proportions, full of temperament

Gentle temperament style, Chen Yu’s same style with cashmere sweater + British vintage wool, checked skirt + suede mid-heel boots, a sweater with a line, gentle and careful, loose fit. The check element is, autumn and winter wear – a better choice, lively and textured. With a pair of nude booties, it is very temperamental

Casual intellectual style, blue and gray striped crewneck silk cashmere sweater + retro high-waisted loose jeans + loafers fresh blue and gray striped knitwear with off-white jeans is very refreshing, wear directly or make a trench coat underwear, are very good-looking

Warm retro style, turmeric checked wool cotton casual coat + bib skirt + suede booties, check jacket stylish and warm, lower body matching, similar color skirts and booties, very autumn and winter feeling

Aura style, short wool-blend jacket + color-block skirt + cowhide paneled socks boots, simple gray small suit, short skirt with handsome sock boots, simple and aura

The knitted cardigan, skirt, and shoes are matched with the same color in beige, and in order to add layers, a ginger base is layered underneath so that it is not too pale.

Sweatshirts, especially the green one, must be paired with Uniqlo, plus thin and leg-length silhouette jeans, and finally put on Martin boots, cool thief comfortable

Trench coat with a red dress underneath, a black beret and a classic red and black bump, and the funky elf comes out.

Jacket, the new peach orange jacket, vintage and attractive. Wear it with navy blue but jeans, and the American retro style will run out

Suit 1000 pleated skirt, the same color matching principle, with a milk tea pleated skirt, which not only brightens up, but also looks more advanced and fashionable.

Puff sleeve top + plaid skirt, take out the previous year’s plaid skirt and match the hot puff sleeves all summer,

Knitted jacket ten slip maxi skirt, with gentle light blue to soft to overcome rigidity, not all black, sweet and cool and sexy.

The tulle puff sleeve top is indeed cool, the lower body must come to some temperature, put on a corduroy skirt, umbrella skirt to strengthen the thin waistline, thief woman.

If you want to wear enough femininity and the versatility of fashion trends, dresses will be easier to do in autumn! Especially the loose casual look,

Sweater with skirt, casual and stylish! Especially this fluffy and casual skirt, which is particularly popular this year, and it is comfortable and loose, without tightness, and it is easy and versatile, fashionable and good-looking

You can also choose to wear a cute beret to bless the sense of fashion, so that it is not only elegant and charming, but also quite cute and youthful!

Autumn and winter coats, choose some classic styles, with a little deep tone is more calm and atmospheric, as long as the inner choice of relatively fresh colors will not look too old, very movie classic lens sense of sight, elegant and atmospheric, very temperament and connotation.

The coat, the tweed fabric is warmer, has a stronger sense of drape, and the overall look is three-dimensional, and it does not appear bloated and fat. Especially suitable for late autumn, in terms of matching, you can refer to the long trench coat, with a dress or super short, both elegant and generous, but also full of fashion!

Autumn and winter tweed coat, Xiaobian recommends choosing those classic styles, simple tones no matter what color of the undershirt can be matched, clean and neat fit, the overall sense is very good, very three-dimensional, simple rather than trendy. Wear yours with a simple pair of canvas shoes or Martin boots for a sense of luxury in minutes.

Knitwear has an irreplaceable role in the autumn and winter wardrobe, warm and soft, it is not a secret, it is one of the most temperamental clothes.

For small girls, long styles may lower their height and make it easy to wear without temperament. Then at this time, you can choose a long model that is length to the ankle, and pay attention to this problem in the inner layer, to avoid the length exceeding the coat, causing visual dwarfism, and it is not good to look good when it becomes a small short leg!

The versatility of knitwear is also an advantage, it can be well matched with bottoms, the same dress, with a skirt is suitable for a more elegant style, and with jeans can create a casual style, knitwear is very suitable as a basic investment.