A few days ago, the world premiere ceremony of “China Prosperous – A Century of Prosperity” supervised by China Industry and Beauty Group was grandly held at the Media News Center of CCTV. Leaders and experts of China Gongmei Group, Palace Museum, National Museum of China, China Collectors Association, descendants of revolutionaries of the older generation, and more than 200 guests from all walks of life witnessed the grand launch of “China Prosperous”.

The scene of the launch ceremony

【China Prosperous】Official debut

【China Prosperous】By Master Chen Hanmin, the “Chinese Design Master”, as the design guide, and Master Wu Yuanquan, the “Leading Man of Chinese Jade Carving Great Craftsman”, as the jade carving supervisor, it was created with the core concept of “having a great cause in mind for a thousand years, just a century of brilliance”.

【China Prosperous】Hetian White Jade Collector’s Edition

【China Prosperous】Collector’s Edition Grand Set

【China Prosperous】For the first time, the artistic fusion method of ding and seal is adopted, the upper part is the seal, named “Thousand Autumn Great Industry Treasure Seal”, and the lower part is the ding, named “Hundred Years of Style and Hua Baoding”. The seal button of “The Treasure Seal of a Thousand Autumns” is based on the “Roar to the Heavens” at the top of the Tiananmen Huabiao, and the seal is engraved with “The Great Deeds of a Thousand Autumns”. “A Hundred Years of Style and Glory” is based on the cultural relics “Simu Fang Ding” in the collection of the National Museum of China, with the relief “China Prosperity” on the front and “Centennial Style” on the back. “A Hundred Years of Grace and Glory” holds up the “Treasure Seal of a Thousand Autumn Achievements”, which means that although today’s China has experienced a century of glory, it is flourishing, and the people of all ethnic groups in the country are united, and the great cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will surely be realized.

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