The function is powerful and convenient to use, you can press a button to start after powering on, and you can heat ❗️ it up on your desk without waiting for the microwave oven to queue for hot meals ❗️

The surface is made of IPX 4 waterproof material, daily cleaning prevents water from entering the motor, safety material bar, and fully sealed design, ☑️ portable without leakage juice~

Exclusive private lunch box, no longer need to share public facilities with others, go out to eliminate all bacteria, enjoy private use is to escort health.

The lunch box wrapped evenly heats, the cooked feeling and temperature of the food come just right, not only the taste is better, but also preserve the original nutrition of the ingredients, enjoy the original taste~

Anti-dry burning power cut, automatic power off in the event of dry burning, very humane ❤️

Daewoo electronic lunch box This lunch box has a very high appearance, exquisite and small, and the life with rice naturally feels much more exquisite. It’s like a small kitchen that can be moved, because it is very powerful, it can cook rice, soup, and noodles, and you don’t have to worry about bringing food every day! This lunch box has 5 cooking functions, can cook porridge, cook rice, soup, but also cook noodles can also keep warm, the function is very powerful, to meet the daily meal without problems. And it’s easy to clean, so even greasy food won’t stick to its inner tank, so rinse it with water after eating and it can be done easily in a few seconds.