#Brand goodies#

In recent years, domestic mobile phones and home appliances have made rapid progress, the same domestic skin care products are also making rapid progress, today we will introduce the top ten of the really useful domestic cosmetics list, each has its own characteristics, will not be inferior to foreign cosmetics, very worthy of everyone to plant.

Suitable herbal whitening and moisturizing lotion

Refreshing and delicate, easy to penetrate and absorb, long-lasting moisturizing; Infused with ginseng, licorice and ginkgo biloba extracts, under the action of “introduction element”, it directly penetrates deep into the bottom layer to exert nutrition, moisturizing and whitening effects, adjusting the dryness, tightness and dullness of the skin, showing softness and delicateness, white and shiny.

Warm essence water

Super recommended all-round water! The formula table is super luxurious, and the same raw material manufacturers of international first-line big brands, but the price is indeed very conscientious! Well-known skin professor 3 years of research and development, improve skin rough, dull yellow acne sensitivity, promote the metabolic repair of the skin, the skin will become white and translucent, smooth and tender, after use, it is really visible to the naked eye skin to become better. If the skin is bad, you can really try it.

Danzi Water Code Hydrating Cream

Infused with amino acids, natural vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate, the cream regulates the balance of water and oil, prevents the formation of fine lines, and quickly and long-lasting hydration, delaying skin aging and toning skin texture.

Shuzhen Seaweed Mask

A super cost-effective mask, if you want to be cheap and effective, this one is absolutely right! Secretly tell you that many beauty salons use Shuzhen to treat guests, the hydrating effect is immediate, the pore shrinking effect is good, and the skin will become tender. Without any chemical additives, mild pure plant ingredients, using high-quality seaweed imported from Thailand. This price is particularly cost-effective, a bottle used many times, long-term trial can really make the skin white and smooth, good conscience, worth buying!

Bee flower skin care moisturizing glycerin

Many people will use it to moisturize their hands in winter, especially the previous generation, who always saw their mothers, sisters, and aunts using it when they were young, and it is also the memory of generations. This Dongdong has a light taste, which is more suitable for autumn and winter, even if it is oily skin, it will never shine within a few hours after use, and the effect is quite good.

Mikisi Vegetarian Honey

This product is also exported to Japan, and it is quite popular. After use, moisturizing but not greasy, with warm and pleasant brightening essence, if you can continue to use it, you can really feel that your skin is whiter.

Ya Frost Alabaster

This product is still bought when I had acne, that will acne skin is very serious, at that time saw that this is an old brand, so I bought a bottle back to try, mainly used no allergies, smell no irritation, no medicinal smell, a faint fragrance! After wiping the face, it is very good to push it away, after applying it at night, get up in the morning to see how much oil is actually out!

Mega Orange Blossom Refreshing Hand Gel

This is an upgrade of Meganet, because some people feel that the use of hand cream is more viscous, so this more refreshing hand guard gel is produced, which is indeed much more comfortable to use, but if it is in the cold north, it is better to have hand cream.

Chunjuan Astragalus Cream

It is a nutritional Chinese medicine skin cream made of high-quality astragalus refined and processed with noble raw materials such as high-grade fatty alcohols. It can enhance cell vitality, delay skin aging, enhance skin immunity, and have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Skincare Essence Hydrating Lotion

Skincare Hanfang Essence Hydrating Power Milk mainly contains water, silver fungus extract, white pear juice. Main functions: Skincare Hanfang Essence Hydrating Power Milk can effectively keep the skin moist.

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