Every year after the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, it is the time when each David TV Spring Festival Gala shows their talents, and if you want to be on the throne of the ratings champion, you can’t do it without thinking about it.

This year’s five stars satellite TV Spring Festival Gala has also come to an end,

Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala

Once again crushing the Spring Festival Gala of several other satellite TVs with a super high rating of 1.5875%,

Hunan Satellite TV


Oriental TV

They were ranked with 0.5578% and 0.5246%.

Second place

Third place

Surprisingly, Zhejiang Satellite TV was squeezed down by Tianjin Satellite TV this time, and the ratings fell out of the five David TV, the reason is because Tianjin Satellite TV has a killer app——

A hilarious crosstalk

Although the ratings are high and low, there are many highlights of each satellite TV, especially the invited performance guests, each satellite TV has two or three of its own traffic magic weapon, come and see who there is.

1. Beijing Satellite TV

1, Angelababy became a host after her divorce and won the ratings championship

Others are “talking about something after the New Year”, but Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying don’t like to keep things for the New Year. A few years ago, the two suddenly officially announced that they had divorced, which caused quite a stir.

But obviously, the divorce incident did not have much impact on the baby, on the first day of the new year, she appeared on the stage of the Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala as a host + guest performer, and when she appeared, she also created the highest ratings of the night.

For this Spring Festival Gala, baby prepared a total of two sets of dresses. A snow-themed streamered bandeau dropped shoulder princess dress with bright stripes on the skirt looks extremely agile. The skirt is designed with dropped shoulder straps at the shoulders, making the whole skirt look more atmospheric, which is very suitable for the identity of the host.

Because the overall style of the skirt is simple and generous, the jewelry that the stylist matches the baby is also a full color of rhinestones, and the overall style is unified and beautiful.

At the party, baby also sang a song, this time changed to a more festive pink feather long dress, the upper body of the skirt is embroidered with many flowing large feathers, which looks very luxurious and atmospheric.

2, Wang Ou, Guan Xiaotong, Fu Jing than beauty, it is difficult to distinguish between high and low

On the stage of Beijing Satellite TV, baby is not unique,

Wang Ou, Guan Xiaotong, Fu Jing

The trio combined to bring a song “Flower Heart”.

Female celebrities naturally have to dress up extra carefully on the same stage, otherwise they will be easily compared by others. Therefore, even Guan Xiaotong, whose clothes are often complained about, was also remarkable, and people could not find mistakes.

She wore a pink ultra-short puffy skirt that night, showing off the advantages of leg length.

And the chest of the skirt is decorated with feathers and silk, covering the defects of her large skeleton, and the whole person looks young and slender, and no one will say that she is a tiger back and a bear’s waist.

Fu Jing’s dress is very similar to Guan Xiaotong’s, which is also a short bandeau puffy skirt, but the color she chooses is a purer light blue.

The floral rotator sleeves at the shoulders add a bit of fairy air to this dress. However, Fu Jing’s own temperament is more heroic and sassy, and although this pure and cute shape is good-looking, it looks a little out of place when worn on her.

Wang Ou, as the eldest big sister of the three, is not to be outdone, and wearing a tender green dress that represents spring makes her not lose to the other two actresses on the stage. In addition, Wang Ou appeared on a high-altitude swing that night, which was simply the arrival of the flower fairy.

3, Li Qin: The actresses of the Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala are all competing with flowers

At the party that day, there was also an actress who was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off, she was

Li Qin

Li Qin was wearing a pale pink yarn cake skirt, with layers of skirts full of girly feeling. The upper body of the dress is decorated with various flower motifs. The hair is loosely coiled, and the hair is embellished with small floral hair accessories, which is a little casual but more feminine, and the overall temperament is dignified and sweet.

2. Oriental Satellite TV:

1, Tang Yan who switches between the royal sister and the sweet sister at will

Beijing Satellite TV invited Yang Ying as the host, and Oriental Satellite TV was not to be outdone, and invited it

Tang Yan

Tang Yan’s host outfit chose a gold sequined slip mop long dress. The whole skirt is cut from golden yellow material, and then embroidered with gold sequins, although the color is single but not monotonous, different materials of gold constitute the layering of this skirt, which looks quite high-class.

This evening dress is conservative on the front, but in fact, the back is very good, it is an open-back evening dress, full of sexy royal sister style.

When performing on stage, Tang Yan changed into a light blue cake skirt and resumed her usual “sweet sister style”.

However, Tomato Jun felt that this set of looks was too complicated, and the exaggerated necklace and skirt were full of white lace trims and redundant hairbands all greatly reduced the overall look, and it was not as good as the gold set.

2, Xie Na ran to the Oriental Satellite TV stage

Since the revision of “Happy Camp”, Xie Na has also begun to let go of herself, and she has all gone to the Spring Festival Gala of Oriental Satellite TV to come to the scene.

That night, Xie Na wore a white puff sleeve long dress in the wedding dress, her hair was simply combed behind her head, without the usual naughtiness of a funny woman, but a little more idyllic, so Xie Na was quite stunning.

3, who said that Li Yuchun is not feminine

At the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, many people were surprised that Li Yuchun actually wore high heels. In fact, in recent years, Li Yuchun’s dress has long been not a neutral dress, but has retained a sassy temperament on the basis of femininity.

The red dress she wore at the Oriental Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala is very sexy, the neckline is open, and the close-fitting cut of the skirt also shows the waist. But wearing such a sexy skirt on her, you will still feel that her aura overwhelms sexiness.

3. Hunan Satellite TV:

1, Qi Wei: This year is really going to be popular with puff sleeves

When watching the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu’s puff sleeve dress made people think that this would be a new trend this year, and as a result, I saw this element again on the satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, and Qi Wei wore a short skirt with aqua blue puff sleeves.

The neckline of the skirt is the slanted button design of traditional clothing, and the whole skirt has a strong Chinese style, which makes the grinning Qi Wei look much gentler.

2, Han Xue of Blingbling

Han Xue’s skirt is very distinctive, and the silver hard fabric makes this skirt look futuristic. It is the design of this sleeve, the upper arm is wide and the lower arm is narrow, which makes Han Xue’s shoulders look a lot wider, which does not match her own handsome temperament.

4. Zhejiang Satellite TV:

1. Rainie Yang, whose hairstyle did not keep up

Rainie Yang’s dress is also very distinctive, a large red pleated pants skirt, and a black leather belt at the waist to brighten the visual effect. However, this style always makes people feel that it is not grand enough, and after thinking about it, the problem should be in the hairstyle.

Because of the short hair, Rainie Yang simply tied it, this hairstyle is like she tied it herself before she went on stage, without the delicate sense of the party. But Rainie Yang’s singing of “Actually, We Deserve Happiness” that night is still very good.

2. Zhang Bichen wearing a lamb wool coat

Zhejiang Satellite TV mainly sings for the New Year this year, and the singers’ comprehension of styling does not seem to be as strong as that of the actors, and they do not capture the essence of the Spring Festival Gala in their dress.

Zhang Bichen wore a little lamb wool jacket with a pleated skirt of the same color, which looks good, but it doesn’t look like a costume prepared for the Spring Festival Gala!!!

5. Hundred Flowers Spring Festival Gala:

1. Yang Mi who surprised the audience

Yang Mi’s stylist estimates that every female star in the entertainment industry wants to dig into the existence of the wall, and the styling has never gone wrong. This year’s Hundred Flowers Embroidered Dress is simply not too classic, which not only fits the theme of the party, but also amazes Yang Mi.

The whole skirt is embroidered with embroidery thread with gold thread, although it is embroidered with simple flowers, but they are all shining, coupled with bright colors, it also makes Yang Mi’s own charm full of charm.

2, Bailu Li Yitong on the same stage

Bai Lu and Li Yitong were arranged in the same show this year, and the two wore red dresses at the same time.

Bailu is an improved version of the cheongsam, not as swaying as the traditional cheongsam, but with the delicate beauty of a little girl, and her hair is also tied into two small bags, like a Fu doll on a painting of the New Year.

Li Yitong’s skirt looks like one, but it is actually matched by a tight hip-wrapping skirt and a separate yarn skirt, and a red silk belt combines the two just right. The hair is tied behind the head with a red bow, which looks pure and cute.

After watching so many female celebrities’ opening debut looks, I have to say that they are all very beautiful, I don’t know whose New Year debut do you prefer? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.

(Movie Rotten Tomatoes Editorial Office: Yangjing)