On March 4, Yi Nengjing celebrated her 52nd birthday.

  To celebrate, she held an online birthday party live stream to share her life.

  On that day, the entire birthday venue was decorated with her favorite pink, pink balloons, pink oil paintings, pink flowers, and even the ground was sprinkled with pink petals,

  Yi Nengjing sits in a pink, wearing a pink checked top, his voice is like yesterday, his skin is better than snow, and he looks to be in his early 30s.

  It was originally in an enviable state, but there was a discordant voice in the comment area:



Here it comes.

“Princess disease”

Committed again.

  Seeing this, I feel a little uncomfortable,

  Why is pink a girl’s patent, but not for middle-aged and elderly mothers?

  Why is it that women are talked about when they are “female men” who hold up half of the sky,

Being a “little princess” who pampers herself once becomes a “fine spirit” and “princess disease”?

  I found that many sisters, almost all of them have been labeled as “princess disease”, and they are still delicate as mothers? Who is it for every day?

  If I were to say, there is only one kind of “princess disease”, that is, they think that they are the truth, and the whole world has to revolve around her.

  For example, the “pea princesses” who were on the hot search a few days ago, drinking water can only drink mineral water, the sky falling can not stop me from running, there is no respect and gratitude to others, and I deserve to be scolded!

  And like Yi Nengjing, who has the ability to live life as he wants, has the ability to spoil himself as a princess, and does not hinder anyone, what is there to spray?

  Seriously, don’t judge a person lightly, because what you see is not necessarily the truth.


You don’t know what someone else has been through

  Many people may not know that Yi Nengjing, who has been obsessed with the “princess dream” all her life, had a particularly tragic childhood.

  She was born into an extremely patriarchal family, and because “another daughter”, her father divorced her mother. In this life, the most common thing my mother said to her was “If only there were no you”.

  She was fostered to the countryside since she was a child, fearing that she would be lost, and her adoptive mother often tied her to the side of the stall with anklets.

  Not to mention the princess, a normal little girl should have carefree childhood, she has never had.

  If there was really a “princess disease”, she would not have broken into the entertainment industry alone at the age of 16, earning money alone to support the whole family, and stubbornly proving that she was no worse than a boy.

She likes to call herself a “princess”, but she is healing the little girl who was not loved in her childhood.

  I was only full of heartache.

  Also in the area hardest hit by DIS “princess disease” are new mothers with postpartum depression.

  Because of the drastic changes in postpartum hormones, they are a little emotional, and others can burst into tears with a word.

  My husband said: “It’s really pretentious! Aren’t women all giving birth like this? ”

  The mother-in-law said: “Eat and drink well every day, and throw me a face?” Give birth to a baby and go to heaven! ”

  Even my girlfriend didn’t understand: “If the first child is good, isn’t the second child easier?” ”

  Postpartum depression is such a “torturous little leprechaun”, they will despair in the dark night of no one, will fall into helplessness that is difficult to break free, and even fall into the black hole of emotions that dislike themselves.

  And these real mental anguish, without bloodshed and wounds, are often ignored and even misunderstood.

  Heard this sentence:

  ”Don’t judge me rashly, you only hear what I did, but you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

  I have seen breastfeeding mothers around me who weaned early, accused by relatives and friends of “being selfish and only caring about sleeping well”, but did not know that she had sunken nipples and was difficult to breastfeed.

  I have also seen mothers who are in a hurry to coax children around me when they cry, and are accused of being “too used to children”, but do not know that her child has congenital heart disease and cannot cry.

There is no such thing as empathy, but we can choose to be kind and shut up.


They are princesses and warriors

  What’s more, the little princess in your eyes, wearing a war robe, may be a female warrior who overcomes difficulties and acts alone.

A recent video made me laugh and cry.

  The Guangdong Aid Medical Team arrived in Guangzhou on a chartered flight, and the medical ladies and sisters were happy like children, running down the escalator, and everyone said, “This is cute that the camera can’t catch up.”

  Take off the white robe, many people are girls from the 90s and 95s, and at home they are also the pearls in the palm of their parents’ love and lovers’ pets, in order to protect the motherland’s mountains and rivers unharmed, they rushed to the front line without saying a word and became soldiers who overcame thorns.

  The grim front line has them, with a touch of human fireworks cuteness, the protective clothing is written “Yi Yang Qianxi’s wife, Hu Ge’s wife”, and draw their favorite cartoon characters to cheer themselves up, it’s really cute and explosive!

  But who can deny their bravery, their strength? They are the most beautiful retrograde angels.

  One of my best friends, as the only woman in the family, is usually spoiled by her husband and son.

  Let my son never expect that this mother, who is usually delicate and weak, and who is also afraid of that, signed up for volunteers for the first time without his family during the epidemic and went to the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

  Every morning, I get up and set off, go to the station to do temperature checks, and one stop is more than ten hours.

  The weather is cold, the temperature gun strikes, and you need to hold the warm baby;

  The temperature is not accurate, a reading, to measure several times.

When the years are quiet, I am a little princess who loves myself unambiguously.

Against all odds, I am a heroine who can save the world.


  I don’t know when the world demanded too much from women.

  The prejudice against asking them to be good wives and mothers, and even this prejudice, comes from women themselves.

  Even the writer Liuliu said:

  ”No matter how delicate and pampered you are before you get married, from the second day of marriage, you must cook your hair and prepare a pair of sleeve gloves…”

This is really more virtuous than female Durban!

  I’ve never been an impassioned feminist, but I genuinely hate to define women casually.

  If I like to study cooking, love washing my hands and making soup, and make a delicious table for my family every day, I would like to. But cooking, housework, and raising children should never be regarded as a woman’s patent.

It’s 2020, and women’s ways of living can be freer and more diverse.

  Whether it is a mother or a wife, whether it is married or a girl, one of the identities we should have the most is to be ourselves.

  No matter if you always want to be a princess or other roles that do not meet the expectations of the outside world, we will not delay being the heroine of life, and we should not be judged by anyone!

  I hope that every sister can follow her heart, cry and laugh casually, and be the most authentic you.

In your own time zone, plant your own flowers and love your own universe.