Go to the countryside home, take pictures of a group of 10 old objects of the villagers, they have witnessed the changes of the years, I don’t know if you still know a few, can you say the name.

The first old object: a broom

Broom, everyone is no stranger, whether it is urban or rural people, every day to clean up, in the city, now everyone commonly see brooms are generally made of plastic.

And the broom commonly used in the countryside in the past is like this, do you remember? Those with strong hands-on ability will weave by themselves, or they can go to the local market to buy it.

It can be woven from sorghum stalks, or in autumn, you can go to the mountains to cut the flower spikes of a tall grass and dry them, and then weave them and use them to sweep the floor. Durable and environmentally friendly.

The second type of old object: knife sleeve and machete

Have you seen it in the countryside, a large machete, and a knife cover, a wooden knife sleeve made of wood, put the knife into the sleeve, and then have a rope tied around the waist, so that it is convenient to go outside to do farm work, chop firewood, cut grass, etc.

This can free his hands, and Xiao Wu’s father wears this knife holster and machete every time he goes to the mountain.

The third type of old object: a long wooden bench

In Xiao Wu’s hometown of Xinhua Rural Hunan Province, the family is full of such long wooden benches, which are used for eating and resting.

In the past, the dowry of rural marriages had a table and four such long wooden stools, which were generally made of pear trees, which were durable, and benches made of cedar and fir trees, pine trees, and pear trees were the best.

The fourth type of old objects: carpenter tools, iron clips

This is a tool of rural old carpenters, who have worked as carpenters, or have seen rural old carpenters work, should all know, what is the specific name, may be called differently in different places.

Xiao Wu’s father was a carpenter, and he used this tool when he was working as a carpenter.

When planing wood and bouncing ink lines, use this clamp to clamp the plank, and do not let it run.

The fifth type of old object: bamboo wide sieve

A kind of bamboo sieve, called charcoal sieve in Xiaowu’s native dialect, is used to wash clothes, vegetables, grass, and can also be used to dry things.

There are still many uses.

The sixth old object: the hoe

One of the necessary agricultural tools in the farmer’s house, used to dig the soil and hoe the grass.

There are large and small ones, long and small handles, and there are those pointed hoes that are specially used to dig hard things.

The seventh old object: the chicken cage

In rural areas, there are always small animals, chickens, ducks, and geese, which are a must.

In the past, chickens in rural families were raised by their own hens who laid eggs and then hatched chicks. There is such a chicken cage for the hen to lay eggs, for it to hatch chicks, and at the same time to turn off the chicks. It’s very practical.

Of course, it can also be used to store things, and it can be used a lot.

The eighth old object: the water wheel

This agricultural tool has not been seen for some years, and many post-70-80s have not seen it. An irrigation tool.

The tools used to pump water downstream to the upstream to irrigate fields are very ancient tools.

The ninth old object: the dung bucket

Xiao Wu’s family uses this kind of dung bucket to pick dung to drizzle vegetables.

In the past, pigs were fed in rural homes, and under the pig pen was a manure pit, and pig manure and human manure fell into the manure pit, fermented, and then planted vegetables at home, using this manure bucket to scoop manure water to rinse vegetables and other vegetables.

This kind of dung bucket is still made by hoop coopers, and ordinary carpenters will not make it.

Now many rural homes use this plastic in their manure buckets.

The tenth old object: short wooden bench (square stool)

This kind of square stool does not exist in the general home of the countryside, and it does not exist in Xiao Wu’s home.

The neighbor next door has it, it is relatively short, it is convenient to sit and wash clothes, pick vegetables, rest and chat.

Its feet are still made of the same small tree, bent over with fire, and another made of bamboo, the style is the same as this one, but the material is different.

Friends, do you still have the 10 commonly used old rural objects introduced above? Can you name it.