In a set of eye-catching matching, there must be no missing a pair of good-looking shoes, shoes can be said to be a reflection of the sense of sophistication and style details in the overall look.

The most fashionable shoes in autumn are definitely boots, the cool type represented by Martin boots, or the elegant type of boots with a fluffy design, there is always a type of boot that will touch your heartstrings.

But boots also have certain drawbacks, once they are not worn well, they will appear that the whole person is particularly short, girls above 170 may not go wrong with how to wear them, especially handsome, but if the height is about 155 small people, how should you choose boots?

In fact, for small people, choosing boots is skillful, and if you do not pay attention to stepping on a minefield, it will indeed be very short.

Small man in boots 3 “minefields”

Whether tall or short, there are some minefields to avoid when choosing boots, especially if small girls step on these mines, then the boots will not be fashionable.

Minefield 1: The length of the boot just reaches the calf

The length of the boot is just stuck in the calf area, which is a very embarrassing length. For example, in the past two years, the more popular net fit boots, many girls wear just right, can wrap the calf part, but small people wearing may make the body proportions look strange and incongruous.

Therefore, small people wear short boots so it is slightly shorter, do not touch the calf belly, wear long boots to skip the calf belly, about 2~3cm below the knee.

Minefield 2, boots with too high a waterproof

Boots that are too high for the waterproof, small girls must choose carefully, especially obvious external increase will look a little low. When the waterproof platform is deliberately increased, it will also cause the overall appearance of the shoes to be extremely incongruous.

So choose moderate can be, especially the sole part can not be too high, in fact, there are many more obscure ways to make us visually higher.

Minefield 3, the color decors are too fancy

When choosing clothes, we know that the saturation of the selection should not be too high, and the d├ęcor should not be too exaggerated, otherwise it will be particularly old and have no sense of fashion, and the same is true for shoes.

In the case of decors and color determination, you need to follow the style of the overall clothes to match, if you are afraid of making a mistake, directly choose a solid color base color on it, too fancy is will step on the thunder, there are not too many fashion people can control it well, which requires the overall color coordination to coordinate.

Booties vs. boots

Booties look more small and playful, while boots are more elegant and handsome, which can interpret a variety of styles, but for small people, you must master the length of the boots to have a real autumn fashion match.

1. Booties are versatile and easy to control

In such a season, if you want boots such a fashionable soul-like existence, which matches well, small people will definitely choose boots without question. Compared with the shortage, it can have good tolerance for body shape and height, and easily solves the problem of short legs.

But when choosing boots, booties also have precautions, such as not choosing boots with high saturation or glossy surfaces, which will only look like their own special soil.

If the neck area is relatively fat, then try to choose a fabric with a certain loose and firm feeling, which requires a certain amount of white space between the skin and the character. If the neck is relatively thin and very beautiful, you can choose a tighter fabric, which will look better, because the slimnest part of the ankle is exposed, which has a high effect.

Example 1: cargo pants + Martin boots

This short Martin boots are very suitable for girls who are small and like handsome style, when the black Martin boots meet the high-waisted fit cargo pants, they can visually directly lengthen the proportion of the height, and the upper body chooses to match with white pieces to shape the body more perfectly, and the length of this booty is just right.

Example 2: Jeans + Martin boots

It is also very good to wear Martin boots casually, in fact, the style of Martin boots is more genderless wear, equipped to match, the fashion half is color-blocking, and the joint of jeans is embellished with colored socks, which is very layered. , paired with a workwear-style coat, it fits the autumn atmosphere very well.

2. Choose boots carefully, but choose the right one

Small people are not completely unable to wear boots, but under the conditions of the body, matching can have the effect of modifying the shape of the legs.

And boots are also divided into two types, one is a medium-length style, the same height is about 15~45cm, it is also more popular in the past two years, boots are below the knee, or more friendly to small people.

(1) Knight boots are suitable for thin legs

Knight boots are the most popular of the mid-tube boots, looking particularly handsome, but will fit tightly to the legs, so the legs need to be relatively slender to show a kind of beauty of knight boots. And most of the knight’s boots are leather fabric, without any elasticity, only thin legs can be better controlled, there will be no sticking out or extra meat thread, it looks very cool.

For example: skirt + knight boots

In the past two years, the sweet and cool hot girl style has been more popular, because the design of the knight boots with laces is relatively complicated, so the style of matching the skirt just blends the two will not look small, and it is very suitable to have the right skin.

(2) Boots should show their legs

Boots refer to the position above the knee, can be connected with the base of the thigh, and the height is about 45~52cm. When choosing boots, be sure to choose a close-fitting style, which will have a certain effect on the legs.

Or it will not have a certain suppression effect on the height, and to choose a solid color, mainly black is the best, and when matching, boots must show part of the legs, choosing pants is simply a disaster for small people.

Brief summary:

When matching boots, small people do not have to be embarrassed at all, booties and boots have their own advantages, learn some matching skills, boots will not press height, but also can wear neat and capable, elegant pulling effect.

Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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Who says small people can’t wear boots? Avoid these 3 “minefields”, long boots and short boots can be controlled