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As a pediatric otolaryngologist, the most common emergency in daily work is to stuff a small toy into the nose and ear, or even a small thing stuck in the trachea and esophagus, which is relatively risky. Among these foreign objects, the most urgent and the most racing is a small thing that is very common in our daily life – small buttons! You may wonder, why are buttons so risky? The reason is simple, after the word “button”, there is another word: battery. That’s right! It’s a coin cell battery! The most urgent emergency in pediatric otolaryngology.

Esophageal foreign bodies are common in children

During an outpatient clinic half a month ago, Xiao Liu, the attending doctor of our department, ran next to me with an X-ray film and said anxiously: “Director, take a look at this film!” ”

I glanced at a round, high-density shadow at the entrance to the esophagus. “Coins? Let’s take it out in a moment. ”

“It’s not a coin, parents say it’s a button battery!”

I was shocked to hear this, and immediately stood up and asked, “How old is the child?” When was it eaten? ”

“2-year-old, just ate for almost an hour.”

“The outpatient clinic can’t take it, quickly let the child fast from food and water, let the family hurry up to go through the hospitalization procedures, you notify the ward to add an extra bed, I notify the anesthesiology department in the operating room, and arrange the operation as soon as possible!”

“Not registered yet!”

“Hurry up and open the hospital strip!”

“Good!” Xiao Liu didn’t say a word, turned around and went to add a sign to the parents and open a hospital note.

“The patient completes the procedures, notify me immediately, stop the outpatient clinic, and hurry up and go on stage!”


More than half an hour later, Dr. Liu and I successfully removed a one-dollar coin-sized button battery from the child’s esophagus in a temporary operating room in the operating room. From the time the child swallows the battery to the surgical removal, it takes less than 2 hours, although the removed battery is still intact, but the surface is blackened, and the surface of the esophageal mucosa also has obvious burn marks, it is not clear whether there is a perforation of the esophagus, or even further damage. After the operation, we gave the child a gastric tube and returned him to the ward.

After 10 days, the child tried to eat by mouth, there was no abnormality, and he was discharged for observation; After another 4-5 days, the child successfully removed the gastric tube and showed a happy and lively smile again.

A button cell battery removed from your child’s esophagus

Button batteries are one of the most dangerous foreign bodies in children’s ear, nose and throat. Because the battery can form an electric current under the immersion of body fluids in the human body, causing burns to the surrounding tissues, only to take out the battery in a race against time is the only way to avoid complications and sequelae. A month ago, I took out a fingernail-sized button battery from the nose of a 3-year-old child, because it was left for half a month after the parents felt that something was wrong, and when I brought the child to the hospital, I found that the battery was placed for too long, so after taking it out, I found that the child’s nasal septal cartilage was defective, several structures in the nasal cavity had been burned out, and the tip of the nose collapsed due to the lack of cartilage support. Looking at the white, clean-looking and handsome children, we all feel very sorry.

Button batteries are a common item in the family, and many children’s toys are also available, have parents paid attention to this potential dangerous goods? With the Spring Festival approaching, family and friends gather together, and it is easy to ignore the children running around everyone. And many small gifts, toys, various candies, dried fruits sent may become a murder weapon that causes disease and even fatality to children.

Parents are solemnly reminded that once they suspect that a foreign object has been inserted into the ear, nose, or swallowed into the body, parents should take the child to a hospital with rescue measures as soon as possible. Time is life.