What is phenolic foam

Phenolic foam is known as the “king of thermal insulation”, is a new type of thermal insulation material with excellent performance of fireproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight and energy saving, its outstanding features are flame retardant, low smoke, high temperature disambiguity, overcome the original foam type insulation material flammable, smoke, heat deformation shortcomings, retain the original foam type insulation material light weight, convenient construction and other characteristics.

FWPF fireproof insulation bare board


Tradition is inadequate

For a long time, phenolic board has the problem of easy aging, pulverization, Shandong Leju Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the research of phenolic resin exterior wall insulation and other advanced technologies in the building materials industry, and has exchanged and cooperated with a number of leading authoritative professional institutions in the industry, and successfully overcome the problems of chalking by modifying phenolic with unremitting efforts.

FWPF composite surfactant fireproof insulation board


What is FWPF

FWPF is a kind of A-class fireproof insulation system for exterior wall insulation developed and patented by Shandong Leju Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., full name: composite modified microbubble phenolic fireproof insulation system.

Its core material is modified phenolic, phenolic has low density, low thermal conductivity and good high temperature resistance, has been widely used as a high-quality thermal insulation material in aviation, aerospace fields, aircraft protection.

FWPF composite mesh cloth fireproof insulation board


FWPF product advantages

Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, and thinner board under the same thermal insulation performance requirements;

Light weight and easy construction, low pressure on the main body;

Low water absorption, good stability, not easy to absorb water and expand, avoid cracking and falling off;

Simple construction: thin plastering system is a safe, mature, concise and stable construction process at present.