Are snow boots non-slip?

Whether snow boots are non-slip depends on the material of the sole, and the composite sole, rubber sole and cow tendon sole are relatively non-slip.

What sole is good for snow boots?

The soles of snow boots on the market generally have plastic soles, foam soles, tendon soles, rubber soles, composite soles, and among them

Composite sole, rubber sole and tendon sole

The anti-slip effect is better.

Plastic bottom

: Home shoes that are mostly used indoors, cheap snow boots of more than 10-20, easy to deform.

Foam bottom

: Also used for price taught as cheap snow boots, characterized by lightness, the disadvantage is not non-slip.

Beef tendon bottom

: Beef tendon sole is a light yellow translucent sole, named for its similar color and the color of beef hoof tendon. The sole has good elasticity, comfortable to wear, and no sound to walk. Can be made of rubber or plastic.

Rubber bottom

: Anti-slip, wear-resistant, snow boots on the market are basically rubber soles.

Composite bottom

: Most of the soles of popular UGG on the market are specialized composite soles, also called rubber foam soles. The place where the sole and the ground contact is the non-slip of rubber, and the inside is foamed and lightweight, which is the characteristic of this sole.

The composite sole is composed of two layers that can be freely taken and placed living body, the upper and lower bottom composite surfaces are concave and convex corresponding to the regular arrangement of geometric shapes, the upper and lower layers are covered with microholes, and the lower bottom layer edge has geometric holes, so that the upper and lower bottom layers form an interconnected space layer, with the help of the pressure when people walk, the volume of the space layer changes, and the gas exchange is automatically carried out, so as to achieve the purpose of breathability and dampness. Each component provides different functions such as non-slip, support, elasticity, breathability, etc.

In terms of price, generally speaking, composite soles have the highest cost, rubber and tendon soles second, bubble ends, and plastic the lowest. The dozens of snow boots sold online are basically plastic soles, and the cost of rubber soles is seventy or eighty yuan per sole.

At the same time, the sole with nails or anti-slip lines, the anti-slip effect is better. If the snow boots you have bought are not slip-proof, you can also go to the shoe repair place and ask professionals to nail the non-slip sole.


When going out in snowy weather, try to change to flat shoes with rough soles and patterns, because choosing shoes with larger soles can increase friction and make it difficult to fall. And try to avoid marble pavement, women should not wear high heels, can go out with relatives and friends, you can help each other walk on the icy sidewalk.

And on snowy days, remember not to walk too fast, to take the sidewalk, not to walk on the motor lane, to prevent being hit by sliding cars. The stride length should be small and maintain a fixed pace, the walking speed should not be too fast, do not lift heavy objects, and do not carry your hands in your pockets, because the hands swinging back and forth can balance the body.