Jeans have always been a must-have concave shape for many fashionistas, especially cropped pants are very popular even in summer, and they allow you to easily “lift” long legs.

Don’t blow too violently in the current retro trend, loose wide-leg pants bear the brunt of it, and they are full of aura to wear!

As the most IN Oversize suit nowadays, matching it with jeans is the right way to open fashion. And the seven-point style exposing the ankle is a dressing routine that trendy people will not miss.

The mid-length suit is cinched with a belt or belt bag to outline the waistline, and is paired with slightly flared wide-leg pants that are delicate and modern.

Denim wide-leg pants are particularly slimming, with a slightly loose fit, exposing ankles to show leg length, covering flesh and showing thinness. And don’t wear it as a set this year!

If floral dresses are fashionable for gentle ladies, denim suits are a must-have for cool girls. Compared to single denim items such as denim jackets and jeans, denim suits are visually more uniform, and also add a sassy feeling similar to cargo jumpsuits, which is more neutral, more practical, comfortable and durable.

Straight-leg cropped pants are also handsome to explode. Jeans with casual attributes can not only subtly reduce the formal feel of black, but also be stylishly and effortlessly with retro checks and colorful mixes.

The exposed ankle is matched with colored socks to add layering!

Wearing jeans over a dress or shirt skirt is a popular way for bloggers to wear it, especially in early spring!

If you have long jeans, you can also DIY your own big flange effect, the same “waste recycling” wear cropped pants effect, and the color of denim inversion can also form a contrast effect with its own material, doubling the sense of fashion!