Now many girls pay more attention to the ingredients of skin care products and the efficacy of all aspects, in the past, many people did not understand very well, always feel that foreign imported big-name skin care products, all aspects of the effect is better, thus ignoring a lot of domestic skin care products, always feel inferior to imported.

As everyone knows more and more about the ingredients, and in recent years, domestic skin care is gradually stronger, imported skin care products are no longer fragrant, now domestic products are more popular, the following four domestic creams, recommended to try.

Yilian Snail Repair Cream

Yilian is a skincare brand from the famous Freda company, this hyaluronic acid snail cream is really comparable to the big brand in terms of ingredients and efficacy.

Snail Cream is infused with Snail Extract and Organic Hyaluronic Acid to repair damaged skin barriers and smooth the appearance of fine lines and dry lines.

At the same time, it can also improve the moisture content of the facial skin, making the skin more and more plump and moisturized, in addition, the cream also added licorice, bitter ginseng and other plant ingredients, can adjust the complexion, make the complexion brighter and brighter.

Suitable herbal whitening cream

Xiangyi Materia Medica, a classic domestic brand with many years of history, is also a brand focusing on herbal skin care, its whitening moisturizer, is a special design for people with dull skin tone and spots on the face, more suitable for oriental yellow people.

The cream is added with licorice ingredients that brighten the complexion, and at the same time, the addition of ginseng and coix kernel ingredients can make the skin more and more hydrated, and in all aspects of work, it is really no worse than the big brands.

Concord E+E Milk (Clear Cream)

Everyone knows that vitamin E and vitamin C have an excellent nourishing effect on the skin, especially for people with dry and peely skin and easy to be sensitive when changing seasons, it is important to choose a vitamin E milk or vitamin C milk that is safe to use.

After all, a healthy skin barrier is the key to good skin, and at this time, it is recommended that the eldest sister try this Xiehe vitamin E + vitamin C milk, which is known as a universal cream.

As the last step of skin care as a cream, it can relieve dry and flaky skin, water and oil imbalance because it has excellent nourishing effect, and it can be applied to the neck and whole body in an affordable large bowl, which can be used by the whole family.

Chunjuan Astragalus Cream

Chunjuan’s astragalus cream is really popular recently, not only our mother’s generation likes it, many young girls also love it, it is a main astragalus original liquid, with yellow to nourish yellow cream, very friendly to Asians with dull yellow complexion.

Astragalus cream comes in several different textures, among which the moisturizing type is the most popular, and it is more suitable for dry skin types that are prone to flaking and dryness.

The silky velvet texture is absorbed on the face, sleep beautifully at night, and wake up the next morning the skin is tender and full of moisture, which can be used not only by 20-year-old girls, but also by mature women in their forties and fifties.