Today, I will continue to add more practical evaluations to you, although this shoe has been on the market for nearly a year, but its performance is definitely worth letting you know more: Adidas’ Pro Model 2G.

Let’s take a look at the comprehensive evaluation of this pair of shoes first.

Comprehensive evaluation

Suitable venue: Concrete floor can be selected inside and outside

Suitable people: friends with moderate weight (below 90KG) can choose all-round play style optional Emotional party must choose student party artifact

Suitable foot type: normal size Suitable for wide feet recommended to try on Other foot types can be selected normally

Product positioning

Vintage combat shoes

Non-performance reference items are scored

Lightweight: Medium low

Wear resistance: high

Breathable: Low

Cost performance: high

Comfort: Medium to high

This shoe really is, we also unpack a little late, and the actual combat is done even later. But again, this shoe must be recommended to everyone, because I think it is the same as BYW 2.0, better than all the signature shoes launched by Adi last year. As for why this is said, let’s talk little by little.


The static wrap of the sneaker is in a very tight state, and it feels very nice when the laces are tightened.

The overall wrapping of the shoe body is very good, and the fit of a whole piece of leather is still very good, although I prefer the PM material of patent leather, but the wrapping of leather material is really very good.

The fit in the heel is also very comfortable, and the presence of this elastic strap makes some friends with thick ankles feel at ease.

The only less satisfactory part of the whole shoe wrap is the shell head on the forefoot.

Because the material of this part is hard, there will be a slight sense of separation between the forefoot part and the shoe body, and this part cannot be perfectly fitted to the foot surface.

But the entangled thing is that I think the continued shell head design is also the soul of this whole pair of shoes, and it is the part that makes many old shoe fans excited, whether to choose feelings or ultimate comfort, let everyone choose.


The palm-based BOUNCE technology is a highlight of this shoe.

Different from the previous forks, the midsole of this Pro Model 2G uses BOUNCE, which is relatively more in line with today’s actual combat needs.

The foot feel of this shoe BOUNCE is still relatively tough, and after getting used to the soft midsole of the feeling of stepping on, I miss this midsole feeling.

The front palm is relatively thin, there is no feeling of unloading when starting, the sense of field is moderate, and it is quite suitable for projecting the party.

The back palm can see a good deformation when static pressing, and this tough and hard midsole is more suitable for friends who weigh a little more.


The outsole of these shoes is a devil.

Because the grip is too good, because the wear resistance is too good.

We often say that grip and abrasion resistance cannot be combined, but this shoe does just that.

Even in smooth outfield, it can be stopped and walked without worrying about slipping.

Whether it’s a sideways movement or a stop-and-shoot jumper, these shoes give you a very reassuring experience

And wear-resistant makes me “miserable”, it is really too wear-resistant, I can’t wear it! How to buy new shoes!

After a long period of field combat and street wear, the outsole of this shoe has no obvious wear at all, an absolute field combat artifact.


The Pro Model’s soul-like Torsion System, which is responsible for midsole stability and support, is still in use, and the support it can provide is definitely not comparable to that of ordinary torsional tablets.

The overall torsional rigidity of the sneaker is very trustworthy, which is also one of the core designs to escort this shoe.

The extension of the outside of the forefoot of this pair of shoes is actually not obvious, but the overall is very stable, partly because its center of gravity is not high, and the linkage of all aspects of the sneakers is really excellent, so that it is still at a good level of torsion.

Sneakers score

Upper wrap: 8

Upper support: 9

Forefoot feedback: 7

Rear palm cushioning: 8

Torsional resistance: 9

Anti-rollover: 7

Grip: 9.5

Overall protection: 8.5

Overall support: 8

Overall stability: 9

Overall score: 82.5

Feelings, cost performance, performance, durability, can go out on the street and can actually fight… This shoe is simply like a synthesis of all needs, too comprehensive, too versatile.

In addition to not very suitable for friends with super weight, not very suitable for explosive friends, this pair of shoes basically meets the actual combat needs of the vast majority of people.

Its overall performance will make me feel a lot like Envoy 11, it is two less Zoom Air than Envoy 11, but at the same time it has a touch of heritage.

Such a pair of combat shoes, will you pay? I’m in love anyway.