Recently, the exposure of the alphabet brother generation and the Embiid generation has attracted everyone’s attention. A new stage of sneakers is gradually appearing, and the market volume and publicity will make consumers gradually forget the past sneakers, and some star side shoes are more obvious.

Today, Rookie-kun will take stock of four easily overlooked star side sneakers!

Li Ning is the sixth person

Under the pressure of the exposure of the city-wide series, other branch series of Wade’s Way are easy to overlook, and the public is relatively low.

The sixth person series is in even worse shape, not only the exposure of the shoes is limited, but also has been replaced by other series.

At this stage of the price in the early 200s,

I know that this pair of shoes presses a large amount of goods.

The sixth-man series has not never been brilliant, and the second generation has set off a good response in the market, and is known as the most cost-effective choice among Wade’s Way low-priced shoes in recent years.

But on this last pair of sixth-person shoes, the homogeneous appearance design made people want to buy at first glance a lot, and then saved many audiences through the South Coast color matching.

At first glance, the wrapping design of the sneakers is very obvious, and it is difficult for the high-back friends to adapt to this pair of sneakers. The mesh fabric material combined with the hot melt material brings a good wearing feel and upper strength.

Midsole Li Ningyun Cushioning Technology believes that many small partners have an understanding in terms of foot feel. Low-end products that are not amazing enough are destined to become missing products from generation to generation in the case of insufficient publicity.

adidas Harden Stepback

As a new generation of Harden side shoes, this pair of sneakers broke into everyone’s perspective because Adidas put various discounts at the top of the store.

The naming of the sneakers is very characteristic of Harden, and the step back is also Harden’s signature scoring method at this stage.

The upper adopts the design of synthetic leather outside the inner mesh at the toe, and there are many breathable mesh designs on the synthetic leather to ensure breathability when wearing. Midsole Bounce cushioning technology ensures a balanced feeling of cushioning and starting, resulting in excellent cushioning performance.

The large shading forefoot uses a regular herringbone pattern, and the back palm pattern is similar to Harden 4,

The same secondary market price in the early two hundred is welcomed by many people.

Under Armour SC 3zero III

The exposure of Under Armour Spawn 3 and other new Under Armour Spawn shoes this year allows people to see how strong Under Armour is in terms of product line richness since signing Curry.

As the number one star under Under Armour, Curry’s signature shoes are the brand’s top priority, enriching the product line of Curry’s series, and side shoes are also very important.

SC 3zero III, as a representative shoe in the Curry series, offers an alternative option for market consumers in their early 300s.

The low-top and simple design presents the same sense of speed as Curry’s Masadai. The all-palm Micro G technology cushioning limit may be relatively average, but it is still good for the starting guard.

But no matter how you look at it, Rookie Jun believes that this pair of sneakers is more like fitness shoes, and daily walking leisure and fitness training are very suitable for this pair of sneakers.

Wade’s Way 7 Commemorative Edition

This pair of sneakers was discovered by Rookie Jun by accident, not to mention the actual combat reference, there is also a Wade’s signature at the toe of the sneakers to confirm the identity, and the appearance is really very distinctive.

The breathing mesh top brings good wearing comfort and breathability, and the cushioning midsole of Li Ningyun material brings excellent cushioning starting balance.

The outsole upturn and rubber hemming at the heel position ensure the overall stability of the sneaker, but from the appearance, the little partner with the high instep may not adapt to this pair of sneakers and will be relatively pressed.

The anti-rollover protection design does not necessarily fully form a lateral lock, and the practical Rookie of these sneakers can only be considered decent.

But with enough characteristic appearance and a price of less than 400 yuan, Rookie Jun believes that small partners who pursue beauty in the 300+ budget range can try this pair of sneakers.

Which pair of four pairs of sneakers recommended today do you prefer?