I have been fishing for more than 20 years, and when I used to go fishing, I carried a bucket with a bamboo pole, a bottle of self-brewed sake rice and earthworms. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the fishing industry in recent years, a variety of fishing equipment has been introduced one after another, and it is becoming more and more comfortable when fishing. Because in the past, when fishing, few people would sit with a small bench, almost all sat anywhere, or squatted for a day, and people could not stand it for a long time.

Why is fishing more and more comfortable now, because you can not only sit, but even lie down to fish, but because there are too many fishing equipment now, it can be described as dazzling, so much that even you don’t know which ones you really need. Today I will talk to you about fishing chairs, fishing boxes and maza, which of the three things we need the most, or choose your own suitable wild fishing equipment according to your own needs.

1. When wild fishing, use fishing chairs.

From the current fishing chairs on the market, it can be divided into 2 types in general, which I summarize into large fishing chairs and small fishing chairs.

(1) Let me first talk about the big fishing chair:

The reason why it is called a big fishing chair is that its design is derived from the “deck chair” used during the lunch break in summer, and with a slight change on this basis, it has become our fishing chair now. This chair is ideal for wild fishing, especially when fishing large areas of water, or when fishing in an area for a long time.

The recliner-style design does not feel too tired after sitting for a long time, even if you fish for a long time, you will not feel butt pain, especially when fishing at night until the second half of the night, you can rest on the fishing chair, or sleep.


This kind of large fishing chair has a large area, and in the lake library this environment to use, usually to cooperate with the use of the fishing platform, even if the terrain is good do not need the fishing platform, but it is inconvenient to carry, especially without a car anglers are more difficult, if it is riding a battery car I recommend this is not suitable for use.

(2) Let’s talk about the small fishing chair:

Combined with my point of view of wild fishing, there are significantly more people using small fishing chairs than large fishing chairs, and although both models have terrain adjustment, the small fishing chair is a little more practical and more maneuverable. Because of the small size of the small fishing chair, it is usually contracted and used with a backpack, which can be carried on the back.


My personal experience after using it is a bit of a fly in the ointment, because although the small fishing chair has a function, after all, it cannot be put in other people and things. That is to say, only a small fishing chair can be placed in the backpack, such as bait, nest material and supplies, which need to be installed separately, which is a bit of a waste of space.

When fishing, if the car can park directly to the water, it is fine, if the shore is still far away, you need to walk, you will find that there are too many small things, you can not take it at one time and can’t move, especially at the end with the catch, it will be more cumbersome.

Second, when wild fishing, use fishing boxes.

In the past few years, there were not many people who used fishing boxes in wild fishing, because in the past, the impression of using fishing boxes was as if fishing in a competitive pool, and the other was to catch a fish and carry a box, which seemed a bit different. But in recent years, the number of people using fishing boxes has gradually increased, because fishing boxes do have their advantages.

When I first went wild fishing, I also used a fishing chair, and then my friend sent me a fishing box, and I personally felt that it was much better than a fishing chair after using it.

For example, the cover of the fishing box can put many small parts, including some fishing accessories, as well as floating, etc., and the box can also put nest material, bait, and the basin required for baiting, and at the same time can hold supplies.

Even if the fishing point is still some distance from the road, basically carry a fishing tackle bag, carry the fishing box can be done, and when the fishing is over, all the fish protected by the fish are poured into the fishing box, and the fish protection is best to choose the kind with a rectangular mouth, which is more convenient to install. Even if you use a battery car, you can pull it and run, but if you sit for too long fishing, you are tired and your butt will hurt.

3. When wild fishing, use maza.

In terms of lightness, convenience, and maneuverability, or the direct air of the small horse, and in the wild fishing environment, the anglers who use the small horse are also the most, especially in early spring and winter, and the practicality is very strong.

Because of early spring and winter fishing, we usually go fishing with multiple nests, and in this fishing situation, whether using a fishing chair or a fishing box, moving back and forth is too time-consuming and cumbersome, and obviously the practicality is too poor.

These two seasons are different, even if you play six or seven nests in a circle, you can catch wherever you want, which is light and convenient. But in summer and autumn, it is okay to use small horses to catch big fish, because fishing big fish basically does not need to move, the frequency of back and forth rods is not high, and usually you can’t wait for a few bites a day.

But if you use it to catch fast fish with both size and frequency, it is far from fishing boxes and fishing chairs.

Although fishing with a small horse, you can also use the ground to add a gun battery and bait tray,

But in terms of efficiency, no matter how you use it, the rhythm is worse than the fishing box and fishing chair, even if you are modifying the fish guard, and then add a stopper to the fish protection, you cannot reach the efficiency of the first two operations.

In addition, in terms of sitting position control fish angle, the angle formed by the height of the maza is easy to cause decoupling when stickling fish, and it is easy to slip when touching a slightly larger fish.

Finally: from an economic point of view, the maza is economical, light and flexible, the fishing chair is comfortable, but the price is high, and although the price of the fishing box is not low, it generally makes up for the problem of inconvenient carrying and waste of space for the fishing chair. The fishing tackle mentioned in this article are some of my feelings in the process of using it over the years, and these three fishing gear have their own strengths and weaknesses in use, and can be selected according to their usual fishing environment and needs.