Many customers will directly call to inquire about the price of dense cabinets (dense racks), but customer service staff generally cannot directly quote, and must quote according to the customer’s design scheme and specific needs. The customer felt that he could not understand why there was no systematic quotation. In fact, the price of dense racks is not determined by one factor. Many issues such as plate material, design scheme, specification, process and so on must be considered, and a reasonable quotation can be determined after all specific factors can be integrated. Here, manufacturers of dense cabinets briefly introduce the factors that determine the price of dense cabinets for your reference.

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  1. Plate:

  Plates are the basic elements that affect the price of dense cabinets. Dense cabinets are designed to store documents or materials, books, etc. , so the load-bearing problem of the dense cabinet must be considered. For example, the plates on the shelves are too thin, and they will be severely deformed under long-term pressure, and even cannot withstand dense items such as books. In general, the design load-bearing capacity of dense cabinets should be calculated based on the total weight of each layer of A4 paper. In this case, the load capacity should be around 80 kg/layer, and then a plate at least 0.8 mm thick should be used.

  Some customers often say when asking about the price, “A certain manufacturer only quoted XXX yuan, why are you so expensive”. Generally, our quotation to customers is calculated according to 1.2mm plates, while some manufacturers use thinner plates (1.0mm or 0.8mm) and then quote lower prices. Customers who do not know the price think that the price is cheap, but in fact, the cost of the board is low, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the after-sales is even more unimaginable. First of all, we give customers the best price under the premise of ensuring product quality and customer safety. Therefore, remind customers to understand clearly when choosing mobile dense cabinets and be careful not to be deceived.

  Second, technology: the price of dense cabinets

  In order to meet the needs of customers and improve work efficiency, in addition to simple manual dense cabinets, many technical contents have been added, such as electric dense racks, intelligent dense racks, luxury dense racks, etc. Then, depending on the technical content, the price is also very different.

  Three. Design scheme:

  The design scheme is based on the size of the customer’s room and specific requirements, so it is also the most influential product quotation. Room size is not just the length and width of the room, there are other specific details. When we give the design plan, we need to consider the length and width of the room, whether the door of the room is open inside or out, whether there are pillars in the room, whether there are radiators or other items that affect the layout of the centralized cabinet, etc., in addition, we also need to consider the height of the room. For example, the height of the general national standard dense cabinet is 2300mm, if the height of the customer’s room is exactly this size, it cannot be done according to the standard, it can only be about 2100mm, so in addition to this, there are some customers will have other specific requirements, such as the need to increase the number of shelves internally, and the price is not the same. Some customers need some personalized design, and the price needs to be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a detailed design plan according to the specific requirements of the customer and the objective situation of the room, and then give a reasonable price according to the design scheme confirmed by the customer.

  Four. Specification:

  Specifications are specific data on the size of the mobile cabinet. For example, the specification of the national standard mobile dense cabinet is 2300 (height) * 900 (width) * 560 (thickness), so some customers need to heighten, widen, thicken, etc. , and the specific price is subject to change. Some customers may require several specifications in different sizes, or even special specifications, so the prices are not the same. Our products are generally produced in accordance with the specifications of national standards, but at the same time, they can be customized at any time according to the individual needs of customers to meet the needs of our customers.

  Five. Serve:

  Choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and a good service number, as long as the customer has needs, rush to the scene as soon as possible to solve the problem for the customer, regularly maintain the customer, and ensure the use of the customer. In this way, there will be no worries when using dense cabinets.

What are the effects on the price of dense cabinets?