Toyota Camry model is a global model, since entering China, has obtained good sales, with large space, low failure rate and low fuel consumption, has become one of the benchmarks of intermediate cars. Today’s Camry has developed to the eighth generation, and completed a mid-term facelift in the first half of this year, it is worth mentioning that the Camry exterior design after the mid-term facelift has been completely upgraded, compared with the old model launched two different styles of exterior design, which is Toyota’s newly created one-car dual-shape appearance, so that young consumers have enough choice.

Camry’s manufacturer price is 179,800 yuan to 269,800 yuan.

From the exterior design point of view, the exterior design of the new Camry has two very different style designs, a luxurious, hawkeye-shaped headlights are connected by a through-type chrome strip and a blackened air intake net, and in the lower half of the front face, there is a larger air intake net. In fact, this car is not only luxurious, but also has some sporty sense in luxury.

The other model is more thorough, the entire front face looks more fierce, the large area of the air intake net is equipped with sports surround and hawkeye-shaped headlights, coupled with blackened reflectors, the sports gene is particularly obvious, which is also a new model.

From the side, the Camry model adopts a relatively slender design and adds a titanium gray silver body. The whole body looks relatively sporty, and the wheel shape is also more futuristic. Of course, the sporty Camry is also equipped with a two-tone body design. In terms of body data, the Camry has a length, width and height of 4885 (4900)/1840/1455mm, and a wheelbase of 2825mm.

From the perspective of the tail design, the mid-term facelift Camry has changed significantly. The main change is focused on the design of the taillights, the chrome strip inside has become more slender, and the red embellishments are used to match, which is more visual. In addition, the new Camry also has a single-sided double-out and bilateral double-out chrome exhaust pipe design, and the overall shape design of the rear reflects a good luxury and sporty attribute.

Looking at the interior design, the interior of the Toyota Camry continues the original style design, the entire center console presents an asymmetrical design sense, the central control part adopts a curved design, and the two sides are air conditioning outlets and control areas. The central control part is equipped with a 10.1-inch floating screen, equipped with Tencent’s in-vehicle intelligent connection system, with WeChat function, and controlled through the multi-function steering wheel, which is relatively simple to use. And it is equipped with exclusive buttons on the steering wheel, which can realize one-key wake-up.

In addition, its vehicle-machine interaction system is equipped with Amap and supports three years of wireless Internet access. Camry uses three multi-function steering wheels, and adopts a full LCD trip computer screen, and the overall display effect is relatively delicate. In the central control part, the combination of leather and solid wood is used, which creates a good luxury attribute overall.

As for the Camry’s seats, they are wrapped in leather, the front row has heating and ventilation, and the second row also has the boss button, which is well configured. In addition, the rear center armrest also provides multimedia control buttons and backrest electric adjustment, the adjustment angle is not large, but overall it is more practical. In addition, on the mid- to high-end models, the Camry is equipped with a panoramic sunroof that can be opened.

Camry not only has a relatively high comfort in the rear seat, but also is equipped with a negative ion generator, a PM2.5 filter device in the car, and a car air purifier, which is indeed good, and the high-end model is also equipped with an independent air conditioning system.

Let’s take a look at the Camry’s security system, in fact, we all know that the eighth generation Camry comes from the TNGA architecture, in addition to the appearance upgrade, its security performance has also improved a lot. The Camry is equipped with 10 airbags, an active braking system, lane departure warning system, and more. Toyota’s latest TSS safety system is standard on all models except entry-level models.

The all-new Camry’s powertrain is equipped with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine, a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, and a dual-engine version with a 2.5-liter plus electric motor. The gearbox is CVT’s continuously variable gearbox, eight-speed manual automatic gearbox and E-CVT continuously variable gearbox, these three gearboxes correspond to different engines, the matching effect is quite good, 2.0L plus CVT is mainly smooth, fuel-saving. The 2.5L plus eight-speed automatic manual is mainly surging power and good smoothness. As for the advantages of the dual-engine version, not to mention, good fuel economy, powerful acceleration, and good fuel economy, as low as 4.1L per 100 km. The Camry’s fuel tank has a capacity of 49 liters and a range of 1200km.

The mid-term facelift Camry chassis design continues the design of the eighth-generation Camry, using a front MacPherson independent suspension and rear double wishbone independent suspension.

The Camry of this mid-term facelift has actually changed a lot, and the design of a car with dual appearance can indeed impress many young consumers, and its advantages, such as large space in the car, technological configuration and good comfort, advanced power system, and more people-friendly fuel consumption have been further consolidated. What do you think is the value for money? Welcome to leave a message.