Hello everyone, I am Xia Solstice is a nail colorist, for many friends’ questions, I want to analyze some of the current situation and knowledge of nail polish for you, which will help you better choose the right nail polish products

Now there are three main varieties of nail polish on the market: the first is oily nail polish, the second is water-based nail polish, and the third is UV light-curing nail polish glue

Now let’s talk about oily nail polish In fact, whether 3free or 5free International brands or domestic miscellaneous brands Oil nail polish contains organic solvents with obvious pungent odor Some have fragrance It is just a fragrance to cover up the irritating smell of organic solvents Cure the symptoms but not the root cause Because the film-forming substances in oily nail polish must require organic solvents to dissolve and organic solvents have certain toxicity and carcinogenicity Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use oily nail polish Some international brands belong to oily nail polish products American OPI Japanese CANMAKE Korea 3CE, etc. is a very smelly nail polish You can also check the main ingredients of the product on its packaging box and then Baidu these ingredients will know But it also has its advantages, that is, the long-lasting firmness will be a little better (but according to my own use, the fingertips are also easier to fall off) but a little better than water-based nail polish (we’ll talk about water-based nail polish in the next chapter) But I myself strongly disrecommend using oily nail polish because there are definitely harms Especially pregnant women are strongly advised not to use it, do not listen to them that it is environmentally friendly, smelly nail polish is definitely toxic

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