Some time ago, I posted a picture of my own dinner on Weibo, and I also posted the rice bowls of the two children:

Unexpectedly, the plain stainless steel dinner plate caused a heated discussion among the aunts.

In addition to lamenting that these two babies can really “dry rice”, everyone’s focus is on the rice cake brother’s plate:

OKOK, today I want to talk specifically about this plate.

First of all: I’m not here to sell dinner plates, haha. It’s this plate, and there’s a little bit of mine hidden behind it

Scientific feeding careful thinking~

Everyone will always ask how to let the baby eat well, how to be nutritionally balanced, and your worries also have it.

We have also talked about many guiding theories in the past, such as the dietary pagoda, the supplementary food monthly age progress table, how much meat and how many dishes to eat every day, the truth is understood, but it cannot be implemented well.

So what is my practical approach? One of them is related to this plate.

There’s no compelling reason to say it.

First, the dining habits of my childhood have been inherited to the present

——He also used this kind of compartment dinner plate before, but it was smaller and made of silicone, and later when the amount of rice in elementary school became larger, he replaced it with this large stainless steel dinner plate.

Second, our family’s dishes are used to using public spoons and chopsticks

, this kind of dinner plate is very matched, it is convenient to clip the dish to the baby’s dinner plate.

In my family, everyone has their own bowls and chopsticks, and there is a set of rice bowls of four with different colors, so it is very convenient to have the feeling of a family and distinguish each other. (Find an illustrator cartoon to restore our dining table)

There is also a bit of individual “obsessive-compulsive” factor~~

My brother doesn’t like to mix rice with food, he likes clean rice, which is similar to me

Just, how to eat freely, how to come.

At the traditional family table, everyone may be busy, eating and chatting.

Our family is also very relaxed when we eat, and we talk about everything, but it is often the case

Ignoring the fundamental thing – what and how much we ate at this meal

, the child’s control over this piece may be weaker.

And the rice cake plate will give me visual guidance

——For example, if this meal is “too little”, then I may give him a little vegetable and put it in, needless to say a lot and will not disturb his meal too much.

The small dinner plate lays out the food that will be eaten~ Adults also know: Oh, my child ate so much rice this meal, oh he also ate a chicken, a vegetable, as well as beans, deep-sea fish, so the dishes are very rich and nutritious and well matched.

In addition, rice cakes do not eat all the food on the plate at every meal, and we will not force it, but we will probably understand how much he ate and how much he left over from the dinner plate.

Last but not least, I want to make the main point.

Some readers will say, haha, your family is really interesting, the dinner plates used by the two babies are very different, you see that the brother is a compartment plate, and the younger brother is a bowl of rice!

Oh, don’t say it.

The style of eating really reflects the child’s different personalities.

Fa everyone also knows, the temperament is more urgent, but also more cheerful, in terms of diet is more open, many ingredients are seen for the first time, and look strange and scary (such as durian, king crab, skin shrimp or something), it is not a word; The older brother is a slow-hot and introverted person, who used to be very resistant to new foods in terms of eating, and the meals and dishes were also eaten separately.

In fact, looking at our message area, you can also find many babies with very different eating styles:

This description is super picturesque:

Although parents hope that their children will eat well and eat a special meal, it is true that many times it will not be as desired, and if he is forced to eat at this time, it will not produce positive results.

So for a child like rice cakes, we tend to give them to him


The feeling that the dishes are divided into categories and sandwiched there, you look at it yourself, give him the space and time to adapt, and do not force him to eat anything.

Forced eating is really the most undesirable.

Take the cake mother’s own childhood experience, in fact, I am a very picky eater, and there are many things that I don’t eat, such as loofah, eggplant, tomatoes and green peppers, all mushrooms, and soy products, I didn’t eat them at first.

When I was in kindergarten, I was forced to eat tofu twice, and the disgusting feeling is still very clear, once forced by the teacher, and once forced by relatives.

But at home, my parents never forced me to eat anything, for example, if I didn’t eat noodles, they would burn me a separate piece of dried flour, and they didn’t force me to eat eggplant, so they didn’t leave me any shadow.

(Did you not expect that the blogger who is now here for popular science nutrition was such a picky eater when he was a child.)

of a person

, and thanks to my parents’ tolerance. )

Later, I went to school by myself, and when I reached junior high school, didn’t I need to find something to eat at noon, and then I found out by myself: Hey, the fried noodles ordered by that classmate seem to be good, it’s better to eat it too; During the dinner, everyone ordered eggplant with fish aroma, then I will taste it, it seems to be good.

In fact, it is the things that do not leave a shadow, and I will slowly start eating them in my future life.

For the brother who is more “urgent” to eat, the old mother did not use the “talk” tactic to annoy him to eat this and that, using a careful machine such as a dinner plate to play the aid, in fact, now eating out, the rice cake brother also eats very conventionally, and the divided dinner plate is just a habit of eating at home.

And in schools, children also use this kind of dinner plate.

In the near future, they will also get used to eating with a normal rice bowl, just like a little adult, responsible for each meal.

Speaking of this, the old mother actually gave birth to a little melancholy in her heart.

In fact, beyond the plate, there are other factors that will slowly affect his attitude towards food:

1. As you age, you are exposed to more and more varieties of food.

2. I didn’t have a choice for school food, so I had to eat.

3. Follow grandma to plant, water, harvest, and have more and more feelings for food.

4. I watched a lot of food documentaries and was overwhelmed.

5. Mom and Dad will take him to learn and persistently give him all kinds of delicacies.

Under the influence of the above common experience, he seems to have suddenly opened the door of the gastronomic world in the past two years!

Every weekend, conversations like this take place:

“Wow, Mommy, so XXX is so delicious!”

“Yes, I told you a long time ago, but you don’t believe it, haha.”

The Easter egg is coming, and the brother of the cake also used the divider dinner plate yesterday, is this a milestone in becoming a “big child”? Taking out the food as it was and taking a serious look, handling it with a spoon + savoring it, he seems to be adapting well.

Smart readers may have seen that although the cake mother talks about the dinner plate throughout the article, she is actually talking about the feeding concept behind this,

Nutritional matching, appropriate portions, comfortable eating

, grasp these 3 points, the child will not have much problem eating~ Be a parent, don’t be too anxious.