Bedroom furniture is the least easy to make poor, wardrobe + bed + chest of drawers is the standard configuration of many bedrooms, so how should we choose a bed that carries one-third of our lives? Give you some advice~

Traditional box bed

For example, this traditional box bed, using floor-to-ceiling type, the biggest feature is: powerful storage function, the box can also be heightened design, small apartment and strong storage needs are recommended to choose this kind of bed.


Floating box bed

Compared with the traditional box bed, the floating box bed is characterized by not landing, the box is suspended, it looks lighter, and it does not bump when walking, but compared with the traditional box bed, the box is shallow, suitable for small partners who have certain storage needs but pursue lightness.

Noah’s Ark bed

It looks very similar to the suspended box bed, the difference is that there is a support device installed under the suspended box, the box is shallow, and the box of this bed is directly touching the ground, there is no support device, but the bed is surrounded by legs, the advantage is that there is both the lightness of the rack bed and the suspended bed, and the powerful storage function of the box bed, depending on the demand

Rack bed

This rack bed is the most traditional classic basic frame bed style, the head of the bed is simple, visually light, minimalist design, with any style will not be wrong, as long as there is no too strong storage needs, just choose.

Floating rack bed

The difference with the classic rack bed is that the legs are adducted, which looks like a suspended bed from afar, but there is no box, the advantage is that it is not stumbling, and the vision is lighter.

European loft bed

This rack bed is characterized by a high headboard backboard, high leg design, very smooth lines, this bed can not be wrong to choose any way, can be matched with a variety of styles, very atmospheric.

Jane beautiful bed

The home is modern American decoration can choose this kind of bed, the simple beauty big bed on the line is smooth, and the Roman column, there is a European and American mixed taste, especially suitable for light luxury, American style decoration options; Below is the classic American box bed, more modern and minimalist, only retaining the simple American frame line.

Comb back bed

The feature of this bed is its backrest, using a more classical comb back design, so that the head of the bed is more transparent, each line is polished rounded, the head of the bed shape is more angular, such as the picture above, some are more rounded, as shown below, this bed is also quite versatile, as a children’s bed are good, can also be used with new Chinese style.

Rattan bed

Rattan weaving has been particularly popular in recent years, and the headboard of this bed is made of black walnut wood combined with real rattan, which is simple and simple, and the bedhead is very refreshing and breathable. If you like solid wood and rattan weaving, just choose

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