Since I bought glory V6 tablet, I always wanted to use it as a productivity, but the input of the tablet did not have a keyboard mouse indeed very troubles, and considering a circle, giving the flat-panel and keyboard, there are two ways, one is to use the Duwock Tablet plus wired keyboard and mouse, but after I purchased, I found that the final price of this program is very expensive, just add more than 500 yuan with the extension and keyboard mouse bought before, it is already available and official The price of the keyboard is comparable, and there are many lines, a little trouble, of course, the tablet is more complete after the tablet is equipped with the dock, and it can also extend numerous storage. But the price is high, it is not easy to do. So what is the other way?


It is directly connected to the keyboard mouse with the wireless Bluetooth function. This method is not only convenient to carry, and the price is cheap, I saw the price-priced brand mouse keyboard set, such as Leibai’s Leibai XK100 wireless Bluetooth multi-mode keyboard set, price is 139 yuan.


And Inficik’s new 2020 wireless Bluetooth keyboard set, the price is around 119 yuan.

The price of the keyboard mouse set with almost unknown names is 78 yuan.

But what if you are not willing to use those products that are not branded? I found a Bluetooth mouse that recently Acer Acer’s effonomer, as long as 19.9 can be started. And I have used a volume after the price is lower. As long as 16.5, I can buy a three-mode Bluetooth mouse, which is a mouse that 2.4 Hz adaptation, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 are supported.


Workmanship can also be quiet Bluetooth mouse, charging, using Bluetooth 5.0 to charge for a week, if you can use it for a long time in 2.4 Hz, this mouse is not easy to shut down, otherwise it should be used longer.

Keyboard I chose

Lenovo original S6000 Bluetooth keyboard. This is the keyboard for the previous Lenovo flat configuration. Of course, you can also choose another Bluetooth keyboard, but I think this is the original Lenovo, and the work and performance are better. Moreover, life can reach the complement of approach January, very practical.


This added Bluetooth keyboard plus Bluetooth mouse price as long as 16.5 + 41.88 = 58.38,


Such prices are what the price is already I can find, I hope everyone can find a lower brand price! !


Of course, some non-branded product keyboard prices can go to 35 yuan, but with mouse, prices are not cheap, and how long it can be used for three dors. And I found brand product portfolio this combination is the cheapest!


After having a keyboard mouse, our glory V6 tablet can use computer mode, of course, use Huawei cloud computer so that our glory tablet V6 becomes a tablet that can be left.

For me, the function of the maximum role of the tablet has not been played yet, hope

@ 映

It can adapt to the many installation tablets such as Huawei, give a cut-screen tablet mode version, although glory V6 tablets can be used to use the shear, but the various bugs are still, if you want Apple’s Mac, you can make an independent version like Apple. That’s good.

And document processing, etc. With keyboards and mice basically use the computer. This way our glory tablet V6 has become a tablet that can be office.

Do you like it?