Autumn small foot pencil pants, slim and thin, beautiful buttocks and legs are fully visible.

Pencil small leg pants fit comfortably, it can cover the defects on the foot, is the body appears slender, more tummy and buttocks effect, simple and generous without losing femininity!

Black leg pants, slim and skinny classic fit, easier to match, comfortable stretch fabric, easy to wear.

Simple and versatile style, super easy to match, slim fit, big stretch Oh, high-waist waist is really beautiful Oh, versatile artifact item.

In this era where beauty is more than anything, what sister does not want a pair of slender beautiful legs. The standard for beautiful legs is that they should be long enough, and secondly, they should be well-proportioned, with beautiful lines and no excess meat.

Simple and simple is best to wear, slim and thin, wear long legs.

The unique texture design of the pants material, the upper body is very beautiful, thin and tall, and the foreign style is comfortable.

A high-waisted small-foot leggings with a superb fit, large elasticity, super thin upper body effect, simple and fashionable PU at the waist No matter what it is with, it is super good, awesome!


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