Kérastase | Brilliant Constant Care Shampoo 500ml

Castée Paris is a high-end care brand of the L’Oréal Group, after the development of the world’s first hair mask, sales have climbed and the style has increased, which can be called the “Rolls-Royce” of hair care. KÉRASTASE’s colour protection range is a signature product that protects hair colours far more than comparable products. Hair coloring will gradually deviate from the first color selected over time and light, and the more vivid the color, the more obvious the fading effect. This color protection product is added with vitamin E acetate (Tocopheryl Acetate), which has a good antioxidant effect and delays the oxidation of hair pigment to a certain extent. Octinamide is an excellent UV absorber and is one of the widely used sunscreen ingredients, which can reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on hair coloring and lock in color. This color protection shampoo is available in 250ml and 500ml specifications, the unit price of 250ml is about 240 yuan, and 500ml is about 380 yuan, which is worth the money.

L’Oréal Paris | Kihwan Essential Oil Shampoo (Lock in Colour and Shine)

L’Oréal Paris is one of the oldest mass cosmetics brands and the number one selling care brand in Europe. Kihwan Essential Oil Series Shampoo is L’Oréal’s high-end shampoo for styling hair. There are four shampoos in the Qi Huan essential oil series, of which the color-locking and dazzling model focuses on color protection and brightening effect, adding a variety of antioxidants to effectively slow down the fading of hair color. It is also the only shampoo in the collection that contains silicone oil to increase hair suppleness and improve dry frizz. Compared with Kéraze, which is also owned by L’Oréal, L’Oréal’s Qi Huan essential oil series of washing and care products are more affordable, this 440ml costs about 120 yuan, and the other three are 80-90 yuan.

Water Whispers | Brilliant perm and repair shampoo

Water Secret is Shiseido’s specialized “high moisture” cleaning brand, which has a high market share in the Chinese market. Its Bright Dyeing & Ironing Repair Series distinguishes its pink appearance from the Purifying Water Series. This model is suitable for people with beautiful hair color and curly hair after dyeing and perming, on the one hand, antioxidants can greatly delay the fading problem of hair after dyeing and maintain color luster. On the other hand, keep the curly shape of the curly hair to avoid dry knots. This product is divided into two types: emulsion type and foam type, and the foam type has a better sense of use. The emulsion type is available in 200ml and 600ml, while the foam type is only 500ml, the price difference is not much, and 200ml can be used as a travel container.

Fuller Deya | Colour Shampoo 200ml

Formulated with amino acids and betaine, the shampoo gently cleanses and infuses effective antioxidants such as witch hazel leaf extract to delay hair fading. The latest packaging of this model has a red appearance, the old version is dark green color, the formula has not changed, and the 200ml price is about 160 yuan, which is medium in the price of similar products.

Kangru | Pomegranate color protection dazzling shampoo

This shampoo does not contain silicone oil, uses SLES compound amino acids as surfactants, and is mild overall, and its effective antioxidant ingredients come from pomegranate peel extract, which has a certain color protection effect. However, Kangru shampoo has a thinner texture, less foam, and a larger dosage, so it is recommended to use it with other hair care products. Kangru shampoo only has 400ml specifications, all are squeezed and poured out, not as convenient to use as pressing type, the unit price is about 160, and the positioning is similar to that of Fulu Deya.

Christophe Robin | Rose Plumping Color Shampoo 400ml

This shampoo is the most popular shampoo of the CR brand, the amino acids are gentle and clean, but the stain removal ability is slightly inferior, and it is more friendly to sensitive scalps and severely damaged hair. The antioxidant content is not as high as other similar products, and the antioxidant capacity is medium. This shampoo is available in 250ml and 400ml, 250ml is priced at about 240 yuan, the overall price is similar to Kérastase, and the cost performance is slightly lower.