How can an elegant woman lack a pair of exquisite boots. In the solemn bleakness of winter, a knitted dress and a pair of naked boots are gentle and elegant. Under the heavy snow, a waist-length down jacket, with a pair of slim jeans, and a pair of long-barreled knight boots, handsome and stylish. Even a solid color coat and a combination of solid color boots are romantic and soft.

There are so many boots in winter, long and short, high heels and flat heels, square toes, and flannel leather. Simple and high-class, stylish and exquisite. The choice of colors is even more diverse, and if you want to wear the beauty of boots, the choice is too critical.

Most people walk into a misunderstanding in dressing, thinking that popular is good-looking, and I will wear whatever everyone wears. But this kind of popular aesthetic is not suitable for everyone, blindly following the trend is not conducive to the formation of personal style, your temperament hides your taste in dressing. Only by taking a seat and finding your own positioning can you wear a more elegant and fashionable atmosphere.

If you don’t know how to choose autumn and winter booties, you may wish to take a look at the following tips. Five common boot shapes, suitable for different figures, temperament, crowds, choose the right style, in order to wear your own temperament beauty.

01. Round-toe boots

The round toe design has a British aesthetic. There is always one most versatile category of round-toe boots, and that is Martin boots. It belongs to the style of lace-up military boots, and the sole has been raised design, with a neutral British beauty.

When choosing round-toe boots, the boots should not be too high, especially for girls with short legs, just the length of the ankle is enough. These round-toe boots can be salty or sweet, and can be worn with cargo pants or short skirts. More suitable for some young girls, with lively tension.

02. Pointy toe boots

Pointed-toe boots are also a kind of boots with more style characteristics, pointed toe design, slender body, visually more close to the foot, the sense of extension will be stronger, pointed toe boots are a kind of boots that are particularly easy to show leg length.

The pointed toe design has a feminine feel and brings out a modern and stylish look. Generally, pointed-toe boots are relatively slim boots, especially showing thin legs. It is easier to combine skirts and slim pencil pants to enhance the vertical proportions and make them more refined and high.

03. Square toe boots

Square toe boots can be long boots or short boots, the most important feature is the design of the toe, the use of silhouette square toe shape, with a bit of heroism, not so soft, can be said to be a more neutral temperament of the boot shape. Square toe boots can be fashionable or vintage, and are a favorite fashion item for modern women.

When we choose square-toe boots, we need to pay attention to the design of the toe, and the width of the toe cap is very important. A narrower square head will be more refined and easier to handle. If it is a particularly wide square head, it is easy to show a rough feeling.

04. V-mouth boots

V-mouth boots refer to trimming a natural V-mouth on the cut of the boot. This kind of V-mouth boots will better modify the leg shape, suitable for some girls with thick legs, and can create a visual sense of extension. Of course, this kind of boot is not loose, comfortable and moderate, and more versatile to wear.

V-mouth boots are suitable for small people, but also suitable for girls with small thick legs, and are one of the easiest to modify the shape of the legs. In winter, you can wear a combination of dresses or skirts, which naturally outline women’s elegance and romance, delicate and tenderness.

05. Platform boots

The appearance of platform boots not only meets the expectations of small people, but also leads new fashion trends. The most obvious feature of platform boots is that the design of the sole is thicker, which can outline a more calm layer. In everyday combinations, platform boots can be combined with a flowing umbrella skirt, an elegant pleated skirt, romantic and sophisticated.

Platform boots can also be combined with slim jeans, delicate small leg pants, slender ankles are more obvious, and the overall shape is tall and stylish. Even if the upper body is very thick, it will not feel top-heavy. Platform boots will be more suitable for slightly fat girls, who look tall and thin.

How do I match boots with different leg shapes?

If it is a girl with thick calves, then do not choose boots with particularly short boots. Because the ankle-length boots can just show the thick calves, it is not so beautiful visually. At the same time, we can choose boots, long boots will be thinner, especially slightly fitted over-the-knee boots, making you bloated and slender legs in a second.

If your leg shape is perfect, but only relatively small, then it is recommended to choose more ankle boots, which are the most fashionable and high, and the length of the ankles outlines the slim position of the legs, and the appropriate skin-revealing embellishments make the overall shape lighter. On the contrary, the loose knee boots create a feeling of being five or five points in stature, especially short.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. Now that you know the autumn and winter season, how to choose the boots that suit you, share fashion trend tips for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

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