The existence of supercars is not only a god, nor a toy for a small number of people, but also provides design inspiration for later models.

The all-new Cruze will be officially launched on the 22nd, and the internal structure of the bright taillights has been widely praised. The design of the new generation of Cruze that tends to the coupe is not so simple, not only the taillights, but also the overall design style including the waist line of the body inherits the Corvette supercar belonging to Chevrolet, a brand that does not know much, but exists like a god in the eyes of fans.

Corvette, translated into English as Corvette, in China, the Chinese name of this supercar brand is still known by some fans, and the recognition of the English name is basically zero. Corvette ownership in the country is low to single digits, and only a small number of privately imported cars are treasured by a few players.

The Corvette represents the highest level of craftsmanship in American sports car manufacturing, but more importantly, it also represents the highest pursuit of individuality in American cars.

First generation C1

The first generation Corvette codename C1, the styling inevitably left the elements of the then red British sports car, but the prototype of the rocket-shaped tail has been established, and the wide body also bears its American car imprint; However, the market performance of the C1 is not satisfactory, and the shabby power output of 150 hp is the main reason.

Although sales are not good, the C1 gold special edition pictured above, because of the scarcity of production, has become a rare treasure in the American classic car collection market. Of course, its high value is also related to Corvette’s fame later.

Second generation C2

The second-generation Corvette model C2 is known as the most elegant American supercar in history, and the slightly cumbersome tail design of the previous American supercar has been replaced by a ducktail-like design, and the body line is more elegant, and its competitor at that time was the Jaguar E-type, which was known for its elegance. However, the C2’s hidden headlights and raised rear eyebrows clearly indicate its identity as an American car. The V8 engine not only meets the needs of consumers, but also makes the C2 the darling of the arena.

Almost every generation of the famous racing game Need for Speed series includes a C2 model.

Third generation C3

The third-generation Corvette followed the C+ number naming method, and this supercar, which was completely different from the second-generation model, detonated the sports car desire of young consumers with its powerful muscular line design and large-displacement engine, and the market performance went all the way. The large eyebrow and low nose design are unparalleled in the car world and set the tone for Corvette’s future designs.

Fourth generation C4

In fact, the second and third generations of Corvette are very similar to each other, experiencing what is now commonly known as a “facelift”, and only the fourth generation, which began in 1983, is a real replacement. This generation had a flat rear tail and a thicker waist, and several models in the middle were equipped with B2K twin-turbo engines with a maximum power of 345 hp, which was later upgraded to 450 hp.

From the fourth generation, Corvette officially embarked on the road of no return in pursuit of a flat tail, which also became the future of this legendary supercar

Big features.

Fifth-generation C5

The fifth-generation Corvette model is very different from the fourth generation in terms of styling, but it can still be regarded as ahead of its time. It’s just that compared with several other American supercars that basically fell into a state of madness at that time, the power of the ordinary version of the Corvik C5 was somewhat unsuitable. The direct rival of this generation was the Dodge Viper SRT-Viper supercar, and Corvette followed the trend to introduce the ZR1 ultra-high-performance series, which fans used to describe as great. Since then, SRT-Viper and ZR1 have taken over the difficult to win and lose, and to this day.

Sixth generation C6

The sixth generation of Corvette is currently the most owned generation and the hero who has taken its Corvette brand to a new ladder. Although the C6 has not changed much in appearance compared to the C5. But the 7.0-liter version of the ZR1 set a new record for a mass-produced supercar in the United States at the time with a huge horsepower of more than 638Hp and 604lb-ft of torque. In fact, it is from this generation of models that Corvette really established its prestige in the field of supercars in terms of power.

Seventh generation C7

At the 2013 North American Auto Show, the new generation of Corvette C7 was officially released, unlike previous models, this seventh-generation product is more like a summary of the brand’s history, combining the characteristics of previous generations of models is the biggest highlight of the new car. Whether from its revolutionary appearance or more irascible power, it has undoubtedly become the latest spokesperson for American supercars.

The C7’s newly designed rear end puts pressure on Italian supercars, because it not only retains its flat personality, but also adds a murderous atmosphere that has never been seen before.

The interior of the C7 is more avant-garde than previous models, with a driver-centric design, but classic elements such as the traditional manual gear lever remain.

Today, Corvette has become a national treasure of the United States, and whether you like it or not, its place in the supercar world is undeniable.

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