What is most important when fishing in summer? Sun protection! When the skin is irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it is not only the skin tone that darkens, but also induces skin diseases. For anglers, they spend much more time outdoors than the general public, so sun protection problems are also very prominent. Therefore, clothing with sunscreen function came into being, so is the sunscreen clothing you bought really sunscreen? Does a high price necessarily mean good quality? This article will introduce you to the relevant knowledge about sunscreen clothing, to help you choose the sunscreen clothing that suits you, then you need to understand the following key points:

What is sunscreen clothing? How are standards defined?

How to choose sunscreen clothing?

Fishing sun protection tips.

The birth of sunscreen clothing was not long ago, and it was introduced to China from the United States around 2007, which is simply understood:

Outerwear made of fabrics with certain UV protection ability, commonly known as sunscreen clothing.

China formulated sunscreen standards in 2011, only when the UPF of the product is greater than 40, and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called “UV protection products”.

Sunscreen clothing is not sunscreen by thickening the fabric, it is also an ordinary fabric, mostly polyester material, and sunscreen is added to improve sun protection ability when making dyeing.

Sunscreen clothing should have the following on the label:

1. Standard number, i.e. GB/T18830; 2. UPF value: greater than 40;

It should be noted that when the sunscreen clothing is wet or stretched, the sunscreen function will be reduced. Let’s explain it in layman’s terms, UPF means that if UPF is 40, then 1/40 of ultraviolet rays can pass through clothes, the higher the value, the stronger the sun protection ability, but the current highest standard in our country is 50, because when it comes to 50, the harm of ultraviolet rays can be ignored. UVA is long-wave ultraviolet light, and the smaller this value, the stronger the sun protection ability.

How to choose sunscreen clothing correctly

So back to the topic that anglers care about, there are many kinds of sunscreen clothing on the market, how to choose? Based on what I know about sunscreen clothing, you can use the exclusion method to choose, that is, remove some non-compliant sunscreen clothing first.

According to national standards, sunscreen clothing should indicate the grade on the label, which can be “oh” under many sunscreen clothing, especially in the e-commerce platform is the hardest hit area, I randomly looked for 10 sunscreen clothing at the price of 20-100 yuan, all not indicated on the label, individual goods marked on the promotional picture, I am skeptical of authenticity, including well-known enterprises in the field of fishing, which makes me shame. It can be said that products with fishing sunscreen clothing as the slogan, whether big brands or small brands (OEM processing), either do not have labels, or even the introduction pictures are not marked, according to survivor bias, these do not mean that they are definitely unqualified, but how high the compliance rate is, I am skeptical.

On the contrary, in the e-commerce and physical stores of well-known outdoor brands, I randomly looked at 5. Decathlon, camel, pathfinder, wolf paw, and Archaeopteryx all have sun protection logos, but they are limited to no equipment measurement and cannot verify the authenticity, (not to recommend these 5 brands, I just looked at these 5 brands randomly in the mall) But from the sensory measure, or well-known brands are more trustworthy.

Unavoidable embarrassment:

That is to say, if you buy sunscreen clothing with insufficient sun protection ability, then it is a simple clothing that blocks the sun, and the sun protection ability is even inferior to ordinary clothing, which is most easily reflected in many low-cost sunscreen clothing.

After the primary selection, you should pay attention to different types of sunscreen clothing

At present, the mainstream sunscreen clothing is quick-drying and ice silk, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, quick-drying is more dry on the body, strong sweating ability, but the body feels slightly hot. Ice silk is cool, but poor perspiration, and very easy to “pull the wire”, after all, it is unavoidable to hang the hook on the clothes when fishing, so you need to weigh which type of sunscreen clothing to choose.

My personal advice is that northern anglers choose ice silk, and southern anglers choose fast drying. The basis is that the air in the south is humid, and it is easier to keep dry for quick drying, and the ice silk will stick to the body damply, which is very uncomfortable, and the opposite is true in the north.

Even if you wear sunscreen clothing when fishing, it is not safe, first of all, you can not determine whether your sunscreen clothing is really “sunscreen”, I see many anglers in the summer only wear sunscreen clothing in fishing, so the level of protection is not high, it is recommended to refer to a few small experiences.

First, choose a two-color vinyl sunscreen umbrella plus sunscreen clothing, so that the effect of double-layer protection is better, the sunscreen umbrella blocks most of the ultraviolet rays, the sunscreen clothing prevents water surface reflection, in fact, from the perspective of fishing, preventing water surface reflection is more important.

Second, do not feel that the sunscreen clothing with a hat will be hot, having a hat is the maximum all-round protection, you can directly pull the zipper to the nose, and then wear a polarizer, almost no dead ends.

Third, because sunscreen clothing is through sunscreen to achieve sun protection ability, so when multiple cleaning, stretching, sun protection ability will decrease, this is no way, so this can only rely on big brands of sunscreen clothing, it is recommended that everyone wear sunscreen clothing after 1 year, especially fishermen, can basically buy new sunscreen clothing, because no matter how good the brand, can not withstand multiple cleaning.

About the final summary summary

To sum up, the material and selection skills of sunscreen clothing are introduced in detail, maybe many anglers do not think so, anglers who do not tan, but from a health point of view, long-term exposure to the sun does have a lot of damage to the skin, fishing is entertainment, fishing at the expense of health is not worth the loss.

Hope this article can help you, if you feel good, welcome to like and follow, feel free to share interesting fishing tips.

Fishing sun protection tips.