1. Shoe cabinet that saves money and space

The area of the house below 100 square meters, it is difficult to have an independent hallway shoe cabinet, if the area is limited, can not enlarge the area of the shoe cabinet, you can put a more space-saving shoe cabinet at the entrance, this kind of shoe cabinet is suitable for the entrance to the house facing the living room, can be placed daily replacement of shoes, has a certain storage role, more practical, very popular with the owners.

Whether the entrance is a living room or a dining room, if the area is not enough, you can use this small shoe cabinet, which can not only decorate the entrance space, but also use it with the storage space, but also successfully create the first impression of home.

2. Leave the bottom of the shoe cabinet empty

I don’t know if you have found that the bottom of the shoe cabinet is very popular, because this design is very good for daily use experience, and the shoes can be replaced directly into the bottom of the shoe cabinet without opening the cabinet door.

Not only the convenience of use, think about the freshly replaced shoes more or less taste, directly put into the shoe cabinet, will “infect” other clean shoes, under the shoe cabinet to reserve 150-200mm vacancy, used to store daily wear shoes and slippers are very necessary.

Especially if there are children or lazy cancer friends at home, you must leave empty under the shoe cabinet, otherwise there will be a bunch of shoes blocking the entrance phenomenon, the design of the regular shoe position, directly use the foot to change shoes, put shoes, simply too convenient.

We can also install sensor lights at the bottom of the shoe cabinet, which is convenient, fast and power-saving.

This kind of shoe cabinet can put a lot of things, not only shoes, but also clothes and other daily necessities.

3. Shoe cabinet where you can sit and change shoes

If you can sit and change shoes, I believe that everyone will not be willing to stand and change shoes, when designing the shoe cabinet, the combination of the stool and the shoe cabinet, not only beautiful, but also very practical, after all, no one wants to bend over every time to pout the butt to change shoes, not to mention the winter need to wear boots of the lady, changing shoes is really not a minute can be solved.

Practical summary of shoe cabinet design:

1. The width and height of the entry shoe cabinet can be determined according to the type and needs of the house, the depth is generally 350~400mm, which can ensure that the men’s shoes at home can be laid flat, if the depth is less than 300mm, you can consider doing oblique, horizontal, etc.

2. The internal partition of the shoe cabinet is best made to be adjustable in height, because the height of the shoes is unpredictable, and we can use it flexibly according to our needs as a mobile partition. 3. If the space is enough, it is recommended to do more shoe cabinets, and the shoe cabinet is a good choice, with large capacity and super storage capacity.

4. For the hanging cabinet part of the shoe cabinet or the position of the upper floor, you can store out-of-season shoes or items, and out-of-season shoes are generally stored in shoe boxes, so the partition can be set less, so that the space is used reasonably.