Many people in life like to eat beef jerky, then

Can beef jerky be brought on the plane?

Can beef jerky be brought to the United States? Those who like to eat beef jerky come and find out!

Beef jerky can be brought on board.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has the following regulations on items that cannot be carried on board and cannot be checked in:

It is forbidden to carry or check in the following items on civil flights in China:

1. Firearms, military or police equipment (including main parts) and their imitations;

2. Explosives, such as ammunition, pyrotechnic products, blasting equipment, etc. and their imitations;

3. Controlled knives;

4. Flammable and explosive materials, such as matches, lighters (gas), alcohol, paint, gasoline, kerosene, benzene, rosin oil, tobacco cakes, etc.;

5. Corrosive items, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, liquid batteries, etc.;

6. Toxic products, such as cyanide, highly toxic pesticides, etc.;

7. Radioactive materials, such as radioactive isotopes;

8. Other items that endanger flight safety, such as items with strong irritating odor, strong magnetization substances that may interfere with the normal operation of the instruments on board, etc.

The following items are prohibited on board civil flights in China, but they can be checked in checked baggage. Items that are prohibited from being carried on board but can be checked in as baggage include:

1. Kitchen knives, fruit knives, large scissors, razors and other household knives;

2. Scalpels, butcher knives, carving knives and other professional knives;

3. Knives, spears and swords used in the performance of literary and artistic units;

4. Walking sticks with weighted or spiked spikes, iron-tipped trekking poles, baseball bats and other sporting goods;

5. Tools such as axes, chisels, hammers, cones, wrenches and other sharp and blunt instruments that can be used to endanger the personal safety of aircraft or others;

6. Liquid items that exceed the type or total quantity limit that can be carried. #p# Subtitle #e#

Can beef jerky be brought to the United States

That’s not okay. Because U.S. Customs strictly restricts the entry of cured meat products and dried meat products.

Notes on U.S. Customs Inbound Items:

1. Those carrying more than 10,000 US dollars or equivalent must be truthfully filled in the US Customs Declaration Form, otherwise they will be detained.

2. Pirated American books, audio and video recordings, and counterfeit goods, including counterfeit American brand-name clothing, shoes and hats, electronic products and other goods, are strictly prohibited.

3. Liquid, aerosol or hairspray containers in carry-on baggage must be equal to or less than 100 ml in size. All containers must be sealed in transparent plastic bags with a capacity of one litre, with a limit of one plastic bag per person. The capacity of the plastic bag must not exceed 1 liter, i.e. approximately 20X20 cm or 15X25 cm.

4. Each adult may bring 0.95 liters of wine into the United States duty-free, 300 cigarettes or 50 cigars, or 1.35 kilograms of tobacco leaves (not of Cuban origin). The entry into the country of these items in excess of the quota must be subject to the excess customs duty.

5. Meat, unprocessed leather or animal skins of all kinds shall not be brought into the country by any person without permission. All chicken, duck, goose, pig, cow, sheep, deer and horse meat are not allowed., whether it is sealed, vacuumed, or dozens of plastic bags, whether it is meat floss, or intestines, or mooncakes, biscuit clips, ham, canned food, cured meat, sauce meat, fresh meat, bacon, jerky, meatloaf, meat dumplings, instant noodles containing meat, non-canned or cured fish and roe, poultry eggs… Wait a minute. 6. Do not bring any kind of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds or plant products into the country. For special needs, a concession must be obtained. The rationale for this regulation is that not only in the United States, but also in many countries around the world, efforts are being made to prevent the spread of insect and plant pests from one country to another. Therefore, insects are not allowed to be brought into the United States except for specimens. Items that cannot be brought into the U.S. also include: medicinal wine, bird’s nest, purple glutinous rice, peanuts, dairy products (including milk, instant milk tea, milk candy, dairy desserts, cheese and cheese products), and canned food.

7. Commonly used prescription Chinese and Western medicines can be carried through the security checkpoint, but sometimes proof of demand may be required. Chinese medicine products must be free of parasitic plants. Precious Chinese medicinal materials such as snake bile, leopard bones, tiger skin, deer antler velvet, etc. are conservation animals and are strictly prohibited from being brought into the United States, parasitic plants such as rabbit silk and dendrobium are also prohibited, and tangerine peel as a traditional Chinese medicine is also prohibited.

Products from certain countries subject to U.S. sanctions, including North Korea or Cuba, cannot be brought into the United States. #p# Subtitle #e#

What is beef jerky

Beef jerky is generally jerky marinated with yellow beef and other spices. The air-dried beef in beef jerky is derived from the war food of the Mongolian iron horse, which is easy to carry and rich in nutrients. Known as “Genghis Khan’s marching food”.

Beef is the second largest meat food in Chinese, after pork, beef has high protein content, and low fat content, delicious taste, loved and enjoys the reputation of “the proud son of meat”. Beef jerky contains a variety of minerals and amino acids needed by the human body, which not only maintains the chewy flavor of beef, but also does not deteriorate for a long time. The production of beef jerky must first choose the best raw materials, followed by the production process and production time, and the time of sunshine must be considered when drying, and the process must be closely controlled.

Can beef jerky be brought on the plane?