Summer is here, and the cropped dress should be regarded as one of the more popular dresses. Because the short dress is not only cool to wear in summer, but also visually lengthens the length of the legs, allowing you to have long legs in an instant.

Short dresses also have many styles, each style has its highlights, suitable for people of different figures, let’s take a look at several short dresses with different designs.

No.1 puff sleeve cropped dress

Puff sleeves are a more thoughtful and popular design. First of all, the design of the puff sleeves can make the whole dress look sweet and cute.

Secondly, because the puff sleeves are relatively fluffy, we often say “no contrast is no harm”, the fluffy puff sleeves appear to be particularly slender compared with the slender arms, which is the function of puff sleeves to show thinness.

In addition to the puff sleeve design, this dress also has a special design that is the design of the shoulders. The shoulders can perfectly show the beauty of women, and at the same time, the elasticity of the shoulders can be worn freely according to your preferences.

If you like a shoulder friend, you can wear a shoulder, if you are a conservative female friend, you can pull the shoulder up and turn it into an ordinary dress.

This puff-sleeved cropped dress is still tight overall, which highlights the figure. Therefore, Asan kindly reminds that this dress is suitable for thinner friends.

No.2 slip cropped dress

Suspenders are more suitable for summer wear, the reason is self-evident, everyone is clearer. The sticky flower in the neckline part of the middle of the suspender plays the role of four or two pounds, which is neither cumbersome nor monotonous, but everything is just right.

From the picture, you can see that this slip short dress is a straight design, if the puff sleeve short dress above is not suitable for slightly fat girls, then this slip short dress is the gospel of these friends.

Because the straight leg does not have a corset, so it does not show the figure, the straight design of this slip short dress is also different from the general straight dress, but a section is connected, one looser than the other, which makes the dress look very layered.

This slip short dress is less girly to wear, cute, and tied with a ball head, capable, sharp, lively, cute, no need to think, you are the brightest boy in the whole street.

No.3 evening dress style cropped dress

As the name suggests, the evening dress style will look high-end, atmospheric, and classy. The same design as the puff-sleeved cropped dress, but also with puff sleeves and shoulders, the difference is that this evening dress-style cropped dress has an eye-catching bow in front of it, which allows all eyes to focus on the beautiful collarbone.

Another highlight of this evening dress is the V-shaped design at the back. It changed the traditional one-line design and became a V shape, showing the enchanting beauty of women to the greatest extent.

Looking at the color matching of this evening dress-style cropped dress, the designer chose the classic black and white match. Black shows the function of thinness, white gives people a clean and pure feeling, and the whole gives people a noble feeling.

No.4 Suit style cropped dress

The short blazer dress looks more formal and does not have many decorative designs. Compared to regular suits, this suit-style cropped dress has a double-breasted design.

It looks more casual than a regular suit, so as not to make yourself look too depressed. At the same time, the long-sleeved design can block the sun when going out, which can prevent tanning!

This short suit dress can be worn normally, but it is also suitable for small white-collar workers at work.

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