“Small Times” Guo Biting is the same!

Coach is a famous fashion brand in the United States, an outstanding representative of American fashion, its design style is simple, high quality, pay attention to quality, can also be said to be fashionable, exquisite, low-key luxury synonymous, has a high popularity, and is also a must-have brand in recent years. This COACH Color Block Polished Pebble women’s leather shoulder bag is made from pebbled leather for a full texture. The main color adopts mature beige, and the side adopts green, which is fashionable and atmospheric. The two-tone lock trim at the front and the metal brand logo on the strap are elegant. 6pm The new 5 discount price is $174.99, a single piece over $50/any two pieces free shipping in the United States, the estimated shipping weight is about 2 pounds, and the transfer is about 1252 yuan.

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