Many people think that the floor is the best solid wood floor, because people often mention laminate flooring, solid wood flooring and the like in daily life. In fact, there is a type of floor called cork flooring, which is a better product than solid wood flooring, Xiaobian today will give you a detailed introduction to its characteristics.


Feature 1:


The ingredients are natural.

Since the bark of the oak tree is basically 25 years old, its bark can be peeled and used, and the bark is restorative and can be naturally regenerated, so people have developed a new type of cork flooring based on this. It is an absolute indicator product of green building materials, and scientific data shows that every square floor floor used can reduce carbon emissions by about 500-650 kg per year.


Feature 2:

Suitable for families with toddlers and elderly.

Because its main component is cork fiber, it is made up of 14-sided polyhedral shaped dead cells, and the space between the cells is filled with a mixture of gas almost like air. So when we walk on cork flooring, it is equivalent to walking on 50% of the air. It has excellent thermal insulation function, elasticity, toughness and recovery are very good. Even if you accidentally fall, it can slow down the impact, so it is suitable for families with young children and the elderly.

Feature 3:

No mold and no moth.

Cork is free of starch and sugar, so it won’t be damaged by insects, mold, dust mites or bacteria. In addition, cork flooring has high moisture resistance and almost zero water absorption. This avoids the problem of excessive shrinkage expansion and deformation caused by the climate, there is no toxicity, and the material can also be recycled and reused.


Feature 4:

The construction is also environmentally friendly.

Although cork flooring has two laying methods, paste type and lock type, but the lock type is not like the traditional wooden floor that needs to be nailed and glued, not only can be recycled, but also there will be no problem of degumming and warping, which is a very thorough environmental protection construction method.

Although the advantages of cork flooring are indeed obvious, but now there are many brands on the market, product quality is uneven, Xiaobian knows that cork flooring generally has a higher price, if you see cheap cork flooring products on the market, you can polish your eyes. This article is written by Hefei Feimo Design! Purely original, please indicate the source of reprinting, thank you for your cooperation!

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