As countries around the world have more stringent requirements for environmental protection, public opinion guidance began to cause personnel to stay away from plastic products, from 2017, the global plastic cup consumption began to decline year by year, when the market generally thought that plastic water cups in the global market began to become more and more sluggish, and even some plastic water cup factories began to transform, data show that since the second half of 2020, a super large capacity plastic water cup began to be popular around the world, the data after the statistics of various cross-border e-commerce platforms show that as of May 2021, These extra-large capacity plastic water cups are being sold worldwide in quantities of hundreds of thousands per month.

This incident shows that it is not that there is no market for plastic water cups, but that the design of the product and the fit with the market demand determine the vitality of the product. With the increasing sales of ultra-large capacity plastic water cups, many manufacturers of stainless steel water cups decided to develop ultra-large capacity stainless steel water cups, believing that since the world still began to restrict plastics, people are gradually eliminating plastic products, then the market of super large capacity stainless steel water cups will definitely be favored by more consumers.

At the beginning of 2021, more and more ultra-large capacity water cups began to be put into the market, even if various brands and channel providers worked hard to publicize, manufacturers found that the monthly sales of ultra-large capacity water cups were less than a fraction of the sales of ultra-large capacity plastic water cups. Why is the ultra-large capacity plastic water cup more popular in the market than the ultra-large capacity stainless steel water cup? After summarizing, we found that it is basically composed of these reasons: 1. The plastic water cup is lighter. 2. Plastic water cups are cheaper. 3. People who use ultra-large capacity water cups prefer to drink room temperature water or cold water.

Compared with the weight of the water cup of the same capacity, the weight of the stainless steel water cup is 5-8 times or more than the weight of the plastic water cup, and the water cup is light and easier to carry, and will not cause the burden of drinking when used. Taking the same 3.5-liter capacity water cup as an example, the net weight of the plastic water cup is about 100 grams, while the weight of the stainless steel water cup reaches 800 grams, plus the weight after full water, which invisibly causes inconvenience in use.

Compared with production costs, the cost of stainless steel water cups with the same capacity is 3 times the cost of plastic water cups, which directly causes the gap in retail prices. Many consumers of ultra-large capacity water cups are people who like fitness, these people often drink water during the interval of exercise, so they prefer low-temperature water, while stainless steel water cups people use it more as a heat preservation device.

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An ultra-large capacity plastic water cup began to be popular all over the world