A leather jacket that protects against the cold and warmth in winter, and has a round neck design. Highlight the elegance. The design of the cuffs is positive and elegant, and the cuff design is simple and simple. There is no complicated design mechanism, and the simple design concept shows the feminine charm. The stylish straight pocket design has a different style, so you don’t have to worry about your phone having nowhere to put small items. Things will never be lost again. High-quality zippers are easy to use. Embodies the capable side of a woman.

PU has a soft leather texture and a soft feel. The façade is meticulous. The skin lines are clear and beautiful, the pores of the leather are clear, and the façade is smooth and delicate. Small strength, large elongation, soft and rich.

A beautiful and stylish dress with a simple and elegant neckline for easy matching. Unrequited love and classic. The silhouette is super reshaping the figure. Upper body strength, show thin and show the figure. Comfortable, loose, untethered, any mom can handle. The cuffs are comfortable to wear, the threads are delicate, the flesh is thin and easy, the movement is unrestrained, and the mother wears lighter.

Superb cropping. More comfortable than ordinary cuts, fit to show the figure, highlight the quality. This little belly modifies the figure, lengthens the leg shape, such a good dress, what are the friends waiting for? Hurry up and choose one for your mother!

The latest leather coat for women, middle-aged and elderly loose plus-size Korean version of mother’s outfit, plush mid-length coat