Flower Dad said:

It’s already November, and temperatures in many areas are starting to drop gradually.

In order to prevent cold attacks, many parents have begun to prepare warm clothes for their children.

But Dad Hua has to say, don’t worry!

When it comes to keeping warm, the first reaction may be the three layers inside and the outer three layers, especially parents in the north feel that autumn clothes and autumn pants must be thick enough to withstand the cold winter.

Not long ago, Hua Dad just compared and evaluated 14 models of children’s thermal underwear, and a small number of parents felt that these thermal underwear were too thin, and their children were not warm enough in winter.

So, today Dad Hua wants to give everyone a good chatter,

Is thermal underwear warmer the thicker?

In fact, the thickness of thermal underwear is not necessarily related to warmth.

This is because the materials of thermal underwear on the market are different, and sometimes there is more than one.

Even if the materials used are exactly the same, the ratio is not necessarily the same.

Therefore, there is no way to judge their warmth by thickness.

So stop thinking that the thicker the upper body, the warmer you are, and then make yourself bloated, heavy, and not breathable.

So the question is, how can we buy really warm underwear?

Flower Dad recommends buying as much as possible to execute

FZ/T 73022-2019《Knitted thermal underwear》

standard products, because this standard applies to thermal underwear products made of knitted fabrics,

Requires a heat preservation rate of ≥ 30%

。 As long as there is thermal underwear that implements this standard, the warmth performance is likely to be guaranteed.

Therefore, the most important thing to buy underwear that can really keep warm is not to see how thick, but to see whether there are implementation standards, and you must remember to look at the tag before buying~

The baby’s thermal underwear should not only ensure warmth, but also ensure safety and comfort~

Flower daddy specially selected 14 kinds of children’s thermal underwear under 100 yuan this time, hoping to find cheap and high-quality children’s thermal underwear, let’s take a look together!

“14 children’s thermal underwear evaluation: nearly half of the insulation rate is lower than the industry standard!” 》

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