Equipment on basketball courts can be described as tens of millions, both of them are common equipped with shoes, hair bands, and knee pads, naturally have some masks, goggles, such as a niche, not very common equipment. If the mask, some players in the NBA are will occasionally appear, then the goggles gradually fade out the fans, after all, the contact lenses are so developed, and the myopia players don’t have to wear a thick gogglass. But in ancient times, goggles can be a very popular equipment. Today, let’s take a look, NBA stars wear goggles are like!

Jia Bar styling too classic

It is undoubtedly the old “Tang” Jabal. Jabal has always liked to wear goggles from entering the league. It is said that the reason for Jabal wear eyewear is because the university is hurt by the opponent when playing in California. From then on, it began to wear goggles to play. . Even because of the time to worn too long, now I will not wear Jabal, and even some are not used to it.

Lodge is like a hacker empire

It was also in Long Duo in the Celtics. He also wore a black gogglass, which looks very popular, and the protagonist in the hacker empire. However, this equipment has been banned by the alliance, just like the black mask, afraid to cover the visual referee, this high-tech glasses can’t appear on the NBA game.


James is a future warrior


Previously, James has also wore the goggles, have to say that goggles have a great improvement of the value of Lao Zhan, which is strong, plus the goggles with futures, like not Like the future warrior who passed through?


Kazma is a spiritual guy

However, not everyone can wear the eyeliner to improve the value, such as the Kuz Ma, who has already been very handsome, but it is a bit like a spiritual guy after wearing goggles, and it seems to look. Not smart.

神 神 贾 贾


Another star of the Lakers, the star – Zhao Ge Davis has also wear goggles, but I saw the eyes of the eyebrows, so that everyone couldn’t help but remember the Babal of the Buck. If the eyebrows are left, they will leave a shackle, the two are exactly the same.

Big Ben became a funny


Of course, not everyone is suitable for wearing eyepiece, such as “Big Ben” Wallace, known as the League, before the game, has been wearing a red goggle, which looks like 50 years old. The aunt is the same, very old, and I don’t know what I think at that time, I have wearing such a red glasses.


Primary school Kuri humanoid goggles

Finally, as the Stephen Library of the primary school students, there is also their own exclusive goggles, which is his humanoid goggles. Every time I have a good ball, I will put this shape, as if it is saying “I can see you”. This look is also quite expressed, this goggles are also very unscrupulous. (Ikuet)