Many friends who want to raise dogs or newly promoted shovel officers may not know what the dog needs to pay attention to when he first arrives home, and the editor made one of the taboos when he first raised a dog – bathing the dog just after entering the house, resulting in a serious illness in the dog, which took a long time to recover. So share your experience and experience here as a lesson to avoid everyone stepping on the pit again!

Dogs can be a child’s most loyal playmate

1. Dogs should start from puppies, do not buy or adopt dogs more than 6 months old, it is best to choose dogs that have just been weaned at about 2 months old. Because the puppy born has not yet matured memory, has no deep impression of things, does not develop bad habits, is easy to train, and at the same time the most important thing – can establish a deep relationship with the owner.

One month old Samoyed puppy

2, after the dog is brought home, the first week is the most critical, if you do not pay attention to this time, the puppy is likely to be unable to feed. First of all, you need to familiarize it with the new environment and build a comfortable “kennel” for it. The second thing is to do a good job of cleaning, but

Can’t bathe dogs! Can’t take a bath! Can’t take a bath!

Say important things three times! Finally, prepare 2 bowls, one for food and one for water, and add two-thirds to the bowl. In addition, pay attention to the number of feedings, feeding time, ensure regular diet, and feed 3~4 times a day.

Sleepy-eyed dog

3, as a dog must walk and play, so you must prepare the equipment, the following things can provide you with a reference, when the dog walks, feeds, play the necessary equipment has 1 collar and leash, 2 stainless steel bowls, a brush and a comb, a nail clipper, a ball suitable for the size of the dog. Of course, in addition to these most basic, you can also prepare more advanced, such as taking your dog for a night walk, you can wear a fluorescent collar for it; If you are afraid that your dog will be lost, bring an identity tag indicating the dog’s name, breeder’s name, contact number, etc.

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