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The audience of the bracelet is the largest, and the bracelet is elegant, which can often reflect the interest and taste of the holder, and highlight the cultivation and temperament.

Most of the craftsmen and craftsmen of the bracelet also creatively design the traditional cultural accumulation and the mainstream aesthetic taste, so the bracelet can be played, viewed and collected.

“People raise skewers for three years, skewers for life”, often playing hand skewers has great benefits for the body, can move hand joints, massage acupuncture points, unblock meridians, promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism and other effects. And the bracelet is beautiful, can be directly worn as decoration, enhance temperament.

There are many types of bracelet, in addition to the common wooden bracelet and Bodhi bracelet, cinnabar stone bracelet has also become popular. Unlike the rustic nature of the first two, the cinnabar bracelet stands out with bright and bright colors.

Silver life [full silver natural color cinnabar stone bracelet]

, with Chinese’s favorite color – red as the main tone, which represents auspicious and festive, the design connects Chinese classics with life, and matches exquisite foot silver pendants on cinnabar stone, showing delicate silver craftsmanship, retro and calm, but also adds a noble and elegant, elegant and common appreciation.

The uniqueness of the bracelet

Wellness and wellness

Ornaments made of cinnabar stone are one of the mascots of town houses, shelter, luck, blessings, and wealth. According to Chinese medicine, cinnabar can calm the mind and calm the spirit, and silver also has the functions of calming the five internal organs, calming the mind, positive palpitations, and eliminating evil qi, and means health and longevity. 【Foot silver cinnabar stone bracelet】Both men and women can wear it, self-use decoration, relatives and friends gifts are a good choice.

Noble temperament

The bracelet hangs a foot silver pendant, carved with classic Chinese phoenix patterns, delicate and delicate. In myths and legends, the phoenix is the leader of the birds, the most beautiful of the feathered insects, and when the birds fly, it is revered as the king of the birds and the bird of good luck. The carved lines are soft, the posture is elegant, and the divine bird looks back with the posture of “looking back and smiling a hundred beautiful lives”, symbolizing magnificent, auspicious and peaceful.

Cloisonné blue tones

The hand string is matched with other ore beads, so that the red, blue, gold and silver four colors are intertwined, the color tone is coordinated, bringing a visual experience like cloisonné, colorful, rich in national flavor, ancient melodious. This is not only the inheritance of national culture, but also the yearning and expectation of a better life.

Hand string details display

Three-way Buddha head

Bunju bracelets generally have Buddha heads, which are divided into mother beads and stupas. The mother bead is called “three links”, symbolizing Shakyamuni, which means the unity of all laws; The stupa represents Avalokiteshvara, which symbolizes the wisdom of Amitabha Buddha.

【Foot silver cinnabar stone bracelet】Buddha head tee, unique shape design, further improve the temperament and appearance of the bracelet. Buddha beads are worn as an expression of faith and an ornament for meditation and peace.

Beaded and lustrous

The hand string is selected from cinnabar stone to make a string of round beads, after cutting, polishing and polishing, the beads are soft and full, the color is warm, the hand feel is delicate, under the light of natural light, the color is dazzling, gentle and lovely, the wrist is mature and stable in the hand, fashionable and atmospheric, exuding a charming atmosphere.

After years of washing, the bracelet will connect with the owner, cultivate the body, and at the same time highlight the cultural taste of the owner, adding a bit of fun to life.