According to the latest report by the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the products tested ranged from affordable makeup remover such as MUJI to makeup remover from light and luxury brands such as Chanel, Helena and L’Occitane. Among them, there are 19 water-oil mixed makeup removers, 10 oil-based makeup removers and 11 water-based makeup removers. The same makeup remover, but the product rating is very different, the highest rating can reach 5 stars, the lowest only 0 stars. Different brands, the price difference is as much as 3 times, and some large brands have even been tested to have preservatives. Below is the Council’s demining report.

The Council tests 40 different types of makeup remover on the market (provided by the Council)

Water-oil makeup remover outperforms oil-based or water-based makeup remover

Among the three types of makeup remover tested (oily, watery and mixed), the mixed makeup remover performed the best, with an average cleansing power index of 77.9 points for the 19 brands sampled, and 9 of them received a full score of 5 stars. Of the 10 oil-based makeup removers sampled, their average cleansing effectiveness index was 53, and only one received a 5-star score. The worst performers were water-based makeup remover, with an average cleansing performance index of 10.1 for the 11 models sampled, and only one received a perfect score of 5 stars. Overall, the average cleaning power index of the mixture is nearly 8 times that of the water and nearly 20 points higher than that of the oily one!

Among the mixed makeup remover, 9 models received 5 stars in the overall rating, including Helena’s Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Vichy Water and Oil Mixed Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Clinique Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (the first three makeup removal performance indices are higher than 85 points), Maybelline Eye and Lip Remover, La Roche Porea Eye and Lip Remover, Barbie Polang Long-lasting Makeup Remover, Lancome Eye Makeup Remover, MUJI Eye Makeup Remover and Shiseido Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (let me see who else hasn’t written it down in a small book), The remaining 10 mixed makeup remover also have a high score of 4-4.5 stars. (The remaining 10 models are, in order of stars, L’Oréal Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Infusa Cleansing Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Avène Biphasic Eye Makeup Remover, Kiko Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Mandan Eye and Lip Remover, Birou Eye and Lip Remover, Haruhada Skin High Efficiency Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, Neutrogena Eye and Lip Remover, Etude House Eye and Lip Remover and Chanel Eye and Lip Makeup Remover).

Provided by the Consumer Council

However, compared with the 19 high-scoring mixed makeup removers, the oil-based makeup remover and water-based makeup remover are somewhat unsatisfactory. Among the 10 oil-based makeup removers sampled, their average makeup removal performance index was 53, and only one received a 5-star perfect score (LANEIGE Waterproof Eye and Lip Remover Oil with a cleansing efficiency index of 73.3), followed by Dior’s iLife Cleansing Oil, Fancl Cleansing Oil Continental Counter, Kiehl’s Cleansing Oil, Sofina Cleansing Cleansing Oil, Shiseido Senka Cleansing Oil, Kate Cleansing Oil, Kose Quick Cleansing Oil, Aesop Aesop Eye and Lip Cleansing Oil (Cleansing Effectiveness Index 24.3) and Sabop Resurrection Grass Cleansing Oil (12.8).

Similarly, among the 11 water-based makeup removers tested, the average cleansing performance index was only 10.1!!! Among them, 9 of the results of water-based makeup remover were not satisfactory, the lowest score Embryolisse Laboratoires refreshing and soothing makeup remover had a cleaning index of only 0.8, and only make up forever eye and lip makeup remover received a five-star full score, and the makeup removal efficiency index was 76.2. Since the remaining ten evaluation results are not OK, even a high-scoring product will not save the average makeup removal efficiency index of only 10.1. In addition, 8 models had a makeup removal performance index below 5. (Star ranking: Bio Essence Cleansing Water, Myokenji Extreme Makeup Remover, Estée Lauder Gentle Non-Irritating Eye and Lip Cleansing Makeup Remover, Bedma Cleansing Powder, L’Occitane Cucumber Refreshing Makeup Remover, The Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Yuemu Source Refreshing Clear Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, PHYSIOGEL Anti-Allergy Cleanser, Bareminerals Mineral Cleanser, Embryolis Laboratoires Refreshing Soothing Cleanser).

muji X Helena — also a high-scoring makeup remover, the price difference is more than 3 times

Among the 5-star mixed makeup remover, Helena’s cleansing power index is 86.5, and its retail price is about 275 yuan. In comparison, the price of Muji Eye and Lip Makeup Remover with a cleansing power index of 84.9 is about 57 yuan. The editor pinched and calculated again, this price is equivalent to an HR makeup remover can already buy 4 muji. In addition, compared with Lancôme Eye Makeup Remover (78.9 points), La Roche-Poth Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (80.2 points), Make Up Forever Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (76.2 points), Shiseido Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (76.7 points), Muji’s makeup remover power is stronger. So if you are still just pursuing cleanliness or sisters with a small budget, you can consider starting with it. The average price of Maybelline Eye and Lip Remover and Mandan Eye and Lip Remover, which also received high scores, is also maintained at about 45-70 yuan, which is the king of stable cost performance. And because they all contain an oily texture, they can better moisturize the skin, which is definitely a boon for girls who love makeup and dry skin.

Makeup remover lazy pack:

According to the data of the Hong Kong Consumer Council, Fashion Sister has sorted out several cost-effective kings for the reference of little fairies:

The king of comprehensive cost performance:

MUJI Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 110ml Price: about 57 yuan Makeup removal performance index: 84.9

Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 150ml Price: about 59 yuan Makeup removal performance index: 82.9

Oil-based makeup remover:

LANEIGE Waterproof Eye and Lip Cleansing Oil 125mi Price: about 96 yuan Makeup removal performance index: 73.3

Sabon Resurrection Grass Cleansing Oil 200ml Price: about 378 yuan Makeup removal performance index: 12.8

Water-based makeup remover:

makeupforever eye and lip makeup remover 100ml Price: about 175 yuan Makeup removal performance index: 76.2

Estée Lauder Gentle Non-Irritating Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 100ml Price: about 99 yuan Makeup removal performance index: 2.7)

Both Chanel and Biore were found to be preservatives

If you are still using this Chanel Eye and Lip Remover and Biore Eye and Lip Remover sisters, pay attention. In the test reports of 40 makeup removers, none of the samples contained MIT and CMiT, two allergenic preservatives, which are banned in cosmetics in the European Union, so the overall safety performance was still good. However, in the test, Chanel Eye and Lip Remover and Biore Eye and Lip Remover both contained 0.14% and 0.10% oxybenzoate (Paraben: a sensitizing preservative), respectively. It is worth noting that according to the requirements of the mainland and the European Union that cosmetics should not exceed 0.14%, Chanel eye and lip makeup remover is just pressed at the standard line of 0.14%, and even 0.01% more, it is exceeding the standard. Moreover, paraben, a preservative, because of the characteristics of its own ingredients, will reduce the function of the skin itself to secrete sebaceous glands, so it may cause dry skin or dermatitis. In Japan, Paraben is also classified as a “substance with the possibility of allergies” by the Japanese medical department. So if you have sensitive skin, choose this type of skin care products and cosmetics carefully.

The test method is widely disclosed

In this test, the Council made reference to industry standards and research literature on cosmetic efficacy testing in the Mainland and the EU to simulate general eye makeup removal procedures. They first applied 18 microliters of waterproof and oil-repellent black eyeliner to the user’s hands and waited for the liquid to dry, and then used a skin color tester to test the skin color of the area covered by the liquid eyeliner. Then take out a cotton pad with a 5mm makeup remover sample to wipe the eyeliner cover, then wipe it with a cotton pad dipped with water and another dry cotton pad for a second wipe, and finally re-measure the change of skin color for makeup remover evaluation.

Can a high-scoring makeup remover enter blindly? Wrong!!!

The sisters who have worn makeup are estimated to have experienced head-wrenching situations such as stuffy mouth closure and acne. In addition to personal skin problems, the wrong use of makeup remover products can also easily lead to cosmetic skin tone pores, blackheads, stuffy mouth and other problems. And whenever you want to find the right makeup remover, a lot of titles like “remove makeup to choose skin”, “makeup remover will thin the skin”, etc. make people more and more confused. But in fact, as long as you know your skin type and the different types of makeup remover for the skin, you can basically do it. Water-based makeup remover with weak cleaning power is mainly aimed at sensitive skin and big oilfield girls, of course, the premise is that your makeup is relatively light, otherwise the makeup is not clean, it is easy to have skin problems. And because the texture of the cleansing oil is oil-soluble, it is a good choice for sisters who love heavy makeup and require strong cleaning power, and its ingredients are relatively mild, suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin girls. The hybrid makeup remover balances the role of water and oil, so it basically integrates the functions of the first two makeup removers, and can also adapt to the needs of more girls with different skin types.

Hong Kong Consumer Council Official Makeup Remover Shopping Tips:

✽Before purchasing, it is advisable to read the ingredients and label information carefully. According to your own makeup habits and needs, such as whether you use waterproof and oil-resistant cosmetics, etc., buy suitable makeup remover products. If there is eczema,


(Rosacea) or skin allergies and other problems, need to pay special attention to the composition of the product, avoid choosing some products containing allergenic preservatives;

❋ Consumers refer to the label on the product to understand how to use the product before use. Generally speaking, oil-based makeup remover has a thick texture, and if it is not cleaned clean, it may cause skin problems such as sensitivity, acne or oil particles due to residual oil;

❋ If the skin has a “tight feeling” after removing makeup and cleaning, it may be that the skin is “over-clean”, in addition to the opportunity to reduce the moisture content of the skin or damage the stratum corneum, and may even cause redness, itching, peeling and other phenomena, you should try to reduce the number of face washing, and choose a milder makeup remover cleaning product;

❋ Pay attention to the expiration date of the package, if it expires, it should be discarded;

❋ It should be used up within the deadline according to the packaging instructions to avoid the risk of microbial growth due to contact between the product and air or skin due to too long opening

Text/Li Peixin