Animal prints are a popular fashion element in recent years, and there are many types of animal prints, such as the previously popular leopard print, the classic zebra print in black and white, and the tiger print. Zebra pattern combines black and white colors to form a classic color matching, mature female friends are more willing to use conservative dark colors to modify themselves. In fact, it is appropriate to integrate light colors, and use light colors to brighten slightly, you can achieve a good wearing effect. She Shiman chose a zebra pattern dress for herself, and the zebra pattern covered the entire dress, strengthening its sense of design and not showing monotony. And the zebra pattern is more restrained, which is also in line with her mature temperament.

The neckline is slightly open, making it more casual and casual. She Shiman’s dress has a diagonal line on her shoulders, making her shoulders look particularly narrow. The long sleeves wrap the arms tightly and keep them warm. The long sleeves covered part of her palms and added a bit of weakness to her. The zebra pattern on the upper body is a bit dazzling, but it is not high-profile, and it can still highlight the mature charm of Charmaine.

Loose-fitting dresses are the most taboo “one wide to the end”, which will widen the already slender body a lot. Charmaine’s dress provides an extremely comfortable space for the body, but her waist line is cleverly designed. Raising the waist line part can show the proportion of the body and will not be short, and the waist line part is especially important for small female friends. The waist line of the dress is elasticated, and it can also be adjusted according to the actual condition of the body.

44-year-old She Shiman is full of aura, ponytail with printed dress, gold straight boots are really eye-catching, the material of straight boots is very textured, the upper is brighter, and it will automatically brighten the outfit. It can protect Charmaine’s ankles and part of her calves, and has a strong warmth effect. The autumn and winter weather is gradually getting colder, and it is recommended that everyone still do a good job of cold prevention. Charmaine’s straight boots are more spacious and feel bloated. The pointed toe part is very foreign, the pointed toe is the darling of the fashion circle, you can add the pointed toe design to your daily wear. The heel of the high heel is slender, and it will appear light when walking, which adds color to the outfit.

When female friends reach a certain age, their faces will develop many wrinkles, and they will look younger with clean makeup to cover up imperfections. Charmaine’s base is translucent, and she does not rush to cover and apply too thickly to deepen the finish. The all-inclusive eyeliner deepens her entire eye socket to make her eyes look deeper, and it has the function of enlarging her eyes, and it is very energetic with the look in her eyes. The lipstick color chosen by Charmaine is a pale pink that is close to the natural lip color to make the makeup look more natural.

It is a wise choice to use oblique bangs to define the face shape, especially for female friends with wide foreheads. The earrings she chose were fashionable and had a simple and unobtrusive design that met the needs of most mature women.

Adding sequins to the dress can increase the shine of the whole person and make the whole person look more radiant. Charmaine’s dress features a V-neckline that fully reveals the neck line. Her dress is very loose, and the sleeves are wide and tight, covering all the fat at the upper arm. The length of the skirt above the knee reveals Charmaine’s beautiful legs and makes her look thinner. The color of dresses is less common, and it is easier to wear something new.

The blazer and dress are white, and the same color together brings a comfortable visual experience, but using a single color will appear single. The V-neck dress has a long hem, which completely covers Charmaine’s legs and covers all the fat on her body that needs to be covered. The heel of the heel is slender, but its platform is thicker, which adds stability to the heel. The white heels fit well with other pieces, and she casually draped her blazer over her shoulders for a concave look.

Choosing a lighter color dress can highlight the gentle temperament of female friends, and Charmaine’s sleeveless dress has higher requirements for the figure, and if there is too much fat, it will not show the body line, and can not maximize the advantages of the piece.

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