Editor’s note: In this article, Mr. Shang Huang describes his understanding, origin and collection of purple clay ornaments with a unique and keen eye for purple clay works.


From purple clay pot to purple clay ornaments (3)

By Shang Dun

Purple sand has no large vessel.

Because the larger the object, the more difficult it is to fire. (Water tanks are manufactured by the wire rod method, not fine goods)

Bulky purple sand also lacks practicality. Therefore, the largest ornaments that have survived to this day are garden furnishings such as shanzi.

In addition, flower pots, vases, bonsai, Buddha statues, statues of gods, incense burners, incense stickers, holding boxes, etc. are also common.

The most common utensils of purple clay are stationery. Water vessels, water gates, paperweights, inkstones, pen holders, pen holders, arm rests and other cultural toys that are both practical and can be used as gifts.

In addition, tea pots, tea pets, tea cups, etc., which are commonly used by tea drinkers to accompany teapots, are also common items.

Purple clay ornaments are not as high as the use rate of purple clay pots, and there is no purple clay pot system, single, and no porcelain fancy and eye-catching. Relatively speaking, it is not very valued by collectors. Even if it is a masterpiece, its value is difficult to compare with porcelain.

Therefore, people who like to collect often ignore it.

I like its simplicity, covet its affordability, and I like the cultural elements engraved on it. Compared with purple clay pots, the ornaments are relatively unpopular and there are fewer competitors. So I have the opportunity to collect. When you have a love for the author of the pot, you love Wu and Ya, and naturally love their other works. If the days are successful, there will be a small harvest.

Wen Shang-hun

Photography by Shang Kun

Painting Tomoyuki

Proofreading edited by Su Hua

October 18, 2020

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