It’s cold to make a tomato brisket pot at home, the cost is less than 70 yuan, the fresh flavor is delicious and affordable, it’s really satisfying!

After the light snow, the temperature dropped several degrees, and it had already snowed in Mount Emei, covered in silver, which was beautiful. What is good to eat on such a cold day? Hot pot is the best match with winter, don’t worry that the dish will be cold after a while, eat it hot, drive away the cold, and warm the whole body! Clear soup pot, spicy pot, mandarin duck pot, tomato pot, mushroom pot, etc., you can choose, with a variety of vegetables and meat, you can eat it in the pot, and then with your favorite dipping sauce, nutritious and delicious and nourishing, the whole body is hot and warm after eating.

Two days ago, my girlfriend made an appointment to eat hot pot, in order to take care of me, the disabled person, ordered a tomato pot of mandarin duck pot, did not drink alcohol after a meal spent nearly six Grandpa Mao, and the food was not enough, especially the son, said that another day to eat hot pot, to add more beef.

My obedience, beef is so expensive recently, it is really not cost-effective to eat outside, so I bought beef brisket and tomatoes, some side dishes that children love to eat, and make a tomato brisket pot at home, the method is simple and easy to learn, nutritious and nourishing, it can be said that it is suitable for all ages. And the pot bottom soup can be drunk, sweet and sour is very appetizing, the family sits around to eat, how hi the atmosphere, how happy!

Tomato brisket pot, in fact, is also a home-cooked dish, two dishes eaten. Usually stewed and eaten, the soup is not particularly much, but when it is cold, when the tomato stewed beef brisket, add more soup, the taste is slightly heavier, use a hot pot pot to heat on the stove, and eat extra warm while cooking.

When it comes to eating hot pot, of course, you need a convenient and practical hot pot at home. In the past, shabu-shabu hot pot at home was directly placed on the induction cooker or gas stove, and then the family ate medicated hot pot and used a casserole to cook, so I bought an electric ceramic stove. Until August this year, I bought this rice lifting hot pot, it has become a favorite of my kitchenware, the frequency of use is particularly many, one key lifting, can steam food, can also shabu shabu, one key lift, ingredients and soup separation, do not worry about the ingredients cooked for a long time and affect the taste, do not have to fish vegetables everywhere in the pot, not to worry about the child hot hands when eating hot pot, but also not enough to eat, what dishes want to eat, children can easily operate. #How to count winter without eating hot pot# #Lifting hot pot#

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Well, without further ado, how to make this tomato brisket pot? The detailed approach will be shared below, thank you for your support and reading!

Tomato brisket hot pot / Tomato stewed brisket


700 grams of beef brisket, 4~5 tomatoes, 5 pickled peppers, 1 piece of ginger, half a small onion, 1 star anise, 1 sand ginger, 1 grass fruit, 2~3 fragrant leaves, 15 grams of rock sugar


8~10g salt, 30g~50g tomato paste, 2g pepper

Detailed approach:

Soak the whole brisket in water for 1~2 hours to remove blood water and reduce fishy smell, and then cut into 2cm square pieces. Cut half of the tomato into small cubes, half cut into large pieces for later use, soak the pepper and cut the rings, you can not add it if you don’t eat spicy, but add a few a little spicy and more delicious.

Pour oil into the pan, add ginger slices after the oil is hot, stir-fry until fragrant, add beef brisket and stir-fry until discolored

Add onion, star anise, fragrant leaves, sand ginger, grass fruit and stir-fry for aroma, put in half a bowl of cooking wine, stir-fry for 5 minutes.

Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil into another pot, add diced tomatoes to stir-fry the juice after the oil is hot, put in the pepper rings, and stir-fry the tomato sauce

Add plenty of hot water along the side of the pot, bring to a boil, add 2 teaspoons of salt, rock sugar and 1 teaspoon pepper to taste

Add the sautéed beef and bring to a boil over high heat. Friends who have a pressure cooker at home can use the pressure cooker to pour out the brisket when it is cooked.

Here I transfer directly to the hot pot pot and simmer until cooked through

Finally, taste the salty seasoning, add tomato cubes and boil and eat.

The children at home like to eat lotus root, put some lotus root slices to boil together, and finally put celery segments, let’s eat!

Turn the heat to “simmer”, press the “rise” button, and raise the filter up, the ingredients are clear at a glance, what you want to eat and what to eat, which is very convenient. Even my children can easily play with this hot pot.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that this hot pot soup is drinkable! After eating the meat, you can also eat shabu vegetarian dishes, and the taste is also good. It’s cold, and the meat dishes are served in a pot, eat hot, warm, and make your own affordable and cost-effective. If you like it, try it now!

I am Mama He, a mother of two treasures who love food, sharing and life. Thank you for reading and supporting, for more homemade delicious recipes, please pay attention to “Lotus Mama Cuisine”! If you like my sharing, welcome to like, favorite, and forward to more friends. If you have a better way to share, welcome to comment and leave a message, learn from each other and exchange cooking experience!