The official kiln porcelain of the Qianlong period is really beautiful, not only beautiful but also gorgeous, which can be regarded as reaching the peak of porcelain production.

In the era of national prosperity and strong people, the fine porcelain of the people’s kiln is naturally not too bad. If a treasure of a kiln uses a good porcelain carcass and can meet a very powerful painter, then such porcelain will also become a boutique in the eyes of future generations.

The following piece of Jingdezhen pastel figure tray cup during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the whole cup is very well preserved, it is revealed that this treasure was brought out of the Old Summer Palace by the French, and now it is treasured in the French Guimet Museum.

It was snatched away by foreigners again, and I have to say that in those days, good things were taken out of the country by foreigners, which is really a pity.

This tray cup is very well preserved, and the shape of the whole cup is still more “playful”. It is conceivable that this cup should have been in a wealthy family among the people at that time, although it was not a food for eating, but it was still good to taste tea.

Although the painter of the precious cup cannot compare with the official kiln of the time, and it is a scene of family life, you can feel the degree of care of the painter at that time.

A woman steps on a box, and then a child reads a book next to her, with different ornaments behind her. The family conditions of the woman in the picture are good, maybe the life scene that the rich and noble family at that time requested to be painted in this way.

The painting is relatively simple and the painting style is relatively dry, especially the treatment of glaze color and color materials is also quite delicate.

The paintings on the tray are also almost the same set, and the pattern of the cup and the tray is quite beautiful. In particular, this kind of painting was very common at that time.

The whole pattern describes the life scenes of ordinary rich and noble families, but every stroke and painting is explained very clearly.

In addition, enlarging the other side of the cup, careful people will find that even if the pattern is enlarged and observed, they can clearly feel that the details of the characters in the painting are very beautiful, and the figure painting is very delicate and deep and interesting, in line with the characteristics of the society at that time.

The price of such a fine kiln is now as high as 4.5 million, or even higher.

Just imagine! If this set of disc cups is collected by ordinary people, it will be enough to live for a lifetime by exchanging it for money. Who would have thought that the fine kilns of the Qianlong period could be worth so much today. Not to mention the official kiln, the value is definitely getting higher and higher.