As we all know, the British royal family has a beautiful and cute Princess Charlotte, and the flower princess dress is her signature dressing style, and the cute dressing style was once called the focus of attention in the fashion industry. In addition to Princess Charlotte, the Swedish royal family also has a very beautiful little princess, she is Princess Victoria’s 8-year-old daughter Princess Estra, who is already very handsome at a young age, and is also a very fashionable little princess.

On the occasion of Princess Estella’s 8th birthday, the royal family released a set of beautiful portraits of the princess, in which the little princess also wore a fashionable floral dress, which looked quite beautiful! I have to admit that the light coffee color clothing does have a very high-end feeling, and after adding print elements, it looks more beautiful and has a bit more retro taste. In particular, the floral pattern composed of blue and dark coffee color does not look messy like other printed skirts, but presents a very refreshing effect.

In addition, the details of the entire princess dress are also very delicate. For example, the collar design of the princess dress, the small standing collar of broken flowers shows the spirit of the whole person at the same time, but also uses pleated elements to emphasize the cute style of children’s clothing, and makes the whole princess dress look very three-dimensional. In particular, the princess skirt effectively reduces the monotony of the dress through the pleated elements on the chest, thereby visually weakening the messy sense of the print elements and making it more delicate!

The princess dress worn by Princess Estella also has a delicate treatment of the waist seal, and the adult dress has a clear thinning effect, and the horizontal area is visually weakened by the waist design, which looks very neat, slender and thin. The skirt also adds a pleated design, which further emphasizes the three-dimensional sense of the skirt, and gives people a youthful girly feeling, which is much more fashionable than the simple design.

What’s more amazing is that Princess Estra’s hair color and princess dress are well matched and harmonious, and it looks more like a whole. And with the blessing of the ponytail, the whole princess dress looks more perfect and more girly. It is undeniable that Princess Estra’s skin tone is also suitable for a light coffee-colored floral dress, which sets off the skin very fairly, and does not lose the girlish atmosphere.

In the subsequent group photo, you will find that Princess Estella not only looks very good in a floral dress, but also very fashionable even in a calm navy blue dress. And the cut design of the dress is also particularly tasteful, like the horizontal pleated fashion elements of the upper body, you will not feel the dullness of the navy blue clothing, to make the skirt a little more vibrant.

As the soul of the garment, the designer has done a very good job in the treatment of the collar, the round collar has added a pleated design, which completely solves the monotonous visual effect, and also adds a very girly bow decoration, making the collar the highlight of the entire princess dress. And the matching of the bow hair card is also very beautiful, without losing the sense of high-end dress, it also makes Princess Estella very girly, and looks more fashionable!

There is also Princess Estella The shape of this princess dress is also very beautiful, although the print pattern is a little abrupt, but it does not affect the fashion sense of the dress at all, but the silk fabric makes people have a midsummer atmosphere, and the whole person looks more youthful and energetic. Have to admit! 8-year-old Princess Estella dresses really tastefully, and even dresses more fashionably than her mother, Princess Victoria, and looks foreign.

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