As an urban office worker, I just want Ge You to lie down when I come home every day. But what do you have to do at home, and how to complete the cleaning of the home with less effort has become something I think about every once in a while.

Recently, a friend recommended the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX, saying that it can solve a series of troubles in indoor cleaning. How does it actually perform? Let’s take a look together.

Clever host design, high-end sense and practicality

The main unit of the ROIDMI wireless floor wiping cleaner NEX VX is mainly space gray. That’s right, the more common “space gray” on Apple products, no matter where it is placed in the home, it is very versatile and very high-end.

The handle position features a 270° bidirectional handle design for easy downward pressurization. When cleaning, users only need to apply gentle downward pressure to achieve efficient cleaning.

The power-on button is placed on the handle and can be touched with a normal gripping position. To avoid accidental touches, the ROIDMI Wireless Floor Cleaner NEX VX needs to press and hold the power on button for a few seconds before it starts working.

In addition, the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX is equipped with an LED smart screen on the main unit, which can display the status of the machine in real time.

On this small screen, we can check the remaining running time of the vacuum cleaner when cleaning, and if we encounter special situations such as missing HEPA (high-efficiency filter), dust box is fully loaded, etc., the screen will also light up corresponding prompts for users to observe.

Users can also pair the mobile phone and vacuum cleaner through Bluetooth connection, and open the corresponding APP to check the host’s battery level, cleaning time, dust mite reminder, filter replacement reminder, etc., which is more detailed than the content displayed on the small screen.

In terms of dust boxes, the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX is equipped with a 0.55L extra-large capacity dust cup, which only needs to be poured once to clean 450m². The dust cup also adopts a one-button pouring design, which can be completed with a single press on the trash can.

But it should be noted that the dust cup is more powerful when pouring ash, if you are also an allergic rhinitis patient like me, it is best to cover your nose first when pouring ash.

Complete accessories to meet different use scenarios

In addition to the clever design of the main unit, we can also see that the accessories provided by the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX are also quite rich.

In addition to the commonly used modules for vacuuming and mopping, ROIDMI also offers wide flat suction to clean dust debris in the gaps of furniture, keyboards, etc., and extra-long flat suction, which can penetrate deep into narrow gaps such as the inside and outside edges of furniture or saddles for more detailed cleaning.

Let’s look at the more commonly used rollers first. The V-shaped all-round roller brush included with the ROIDMI Wireless Floor Cleaner NEX VX uses nano-level hydrophobic fiber in the brush head, combining the advantages of soft lint and carbon fiber to achieve full-scene cleaning of floors and carpets.

In addition, the brush head also adopts a V-shaped anti-entanglement structure, which in the past we used to have on ordinary vacuum cleaners, the embarrassment of hair wrapped in the suction head will not appear on the ROIDMI wireless vacuum cleaner NEX VX.

In addition to floor suction, the ROIDMI wireless floor wiping cleaner NEX VX is also equipped with a dual rotating electric floor wiping brush. The working principle of the floor wiping brush is to first rotate and gather through the mop, and then suck away dust debris through the hidden ash suction port, and there is no need to worry about garbage residue after mopping.

The floor wiping brush is also equipped with an electronically controlled water tank, which micro-controls the water through the intelligent chip, so that the mop is always kept in a slightly moist state, so as to achieve the mopping effect of quick wiping and drying.

Users can also touch the button behind the brush with their toes to realize the adjustment of the three states of “low gear mode”, “high gear mode” and “dry drag mode”, and the whole set of actions is completed in one go.

The mop of the electric floor wiping brush is fixed by a buckle and Velcro, and can be removed and cleaned after work. If you use it for a long time, you can also buy a new mop directly to replace it.

To make it easier for users to clean mops, the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX also comes with an exclusive accessory for electric floor wiping brushes – the cleaning station.

When using, just add an appropriate amount of water to the cleaning station, put the brush vertically into the corresponding slot, and turn on the switch to let the brush automatically clean and scrape dry.

It is worth mentioning that the V-shaped all-round roller brush and electric floor wiping brush attached to the ROIDMI wireless floor wiping vacuum cleaner NEX VX have an LED light strip placed on the front, which will automatically light up when entering a darker area during cleaning, which is particularly practical in cleaning areas such as the bottom of the bed and the bottom of the sofa.

The ROIDMI Wireless Floor Cleaner NEX VX also comes with a magnetic wireless charging base for easy storage.

Surging suction, stronger performance

In terms of configuration, the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX has a built-in 120,000 rpm brushless digital motor, which together with the Engine-X 2.0 optimization system, greatly improves the energy efficiency ratio while bringing up to 150W suction power and lower noise.

In actual use, the performance of the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX is still strong enough in terms of ash absorption and cleaning, but it will still make a relatively large sound when working in quieter scenes, and there is still some room for optimization of noise control.

In addition, the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX has a built-in 8-cone cyclone dust separation system, which separates the dirt through 8 parallel tornadoes and throws it into the dust cup, which greatly avoids the situation of the air duct being blocked and causing the suction power to decrease.

In the battery life part, the ROIDMI wireless floor cleaner NEX VX has built-in imported LG high-rate power lithium cells, and with exclusive intelligent BMS battery management technology, it can provide up to 80 minutes of ultra-long battery life.

Summary: With the blessing of black technology, vacuum mopping can be held

From the overall user experience, the ROIDMI wireless floor wiping vacuum cleaner NEX VX has a lot of ingenuity in the working scene of vacuuming and mopping. On the one hand, the anti-entanglement design of the V-shaped roller brush and the LED light strip in front of the module greatly facilitate the advancement of the cleaning work; On the other hand, the addition of cleaning stations, magnetic wireless charging bases, etc., also meets the cleaning and storage needs of equipment after cleaning.

If you need to buy a vacuum cleaner product that is worry-free enough, the ROIDMI wireless vacuum cleaner NEX VX is a very good choice.