Stop wearing leggings on the bad street, such plush pants are popular this year to keep warm and feminine. Warm but not lose aura, choose it for the winter! Who said that plush pants can’t be worn out of the atmosphere, light and warm enjoyment level, free tired legs, autumn and winter air or dry or cold, too much need to heal clothes, wear enough tight jeans, a pair of plush pants to get you back to your comfort zone.

The fit is a slightly loose fit version, showing thinness is not inferior to tapered pants, and hiding meat and adjusting the proportions, adding a mid-seam design, the whole piece looks more three-dimensional and shapely, no need to worry about collapse like other sweatpants, and have been upgraded in the fabric and inside to improve wearing comfort.

The drawstring at the cuff can be adjusted, the length of the trousers can be adjusted at any time, it is convenient to match the boots in autumn and winter, you can tie the drawstring when you need it, hide the pants in the boots to be more lean and neat, you can untie it at any time when you don’t want to wear the cuff, the two wearing methods are up to you.

Especially warm, especially easy to wear, the fit is the kind of tapered version that can hide body defects, whether it is a pear-shaped girl or a 130-pound cute girl, you can’t see the flesh on the body, the fit is really not picky! The plump layer of suede looks warm to the fried chicken! As soon as it is attached to the legs, it is as warm as the little sun walking, warm and energetic, and the girl who does not like to wear autumn pants in winter, wears this one to survive the winter safely and without shivering.

Thick and not bloated, thin and small, the pants have been elasticated and tightened, full of vitality and sportiness, elastic elastic tightening of the foot, will appear that the ankle is very thin! Unlike the regular cut, this side vertical seam is moved forward, which can extend the vision and define the leg shape well, and the legs will look particularly slender, and it is not at all obvious that it is a thick pile model.

This white, you can see at a glance is very advanced, refuse to be dull and that kind of miserable white, this lustrous white is the real fashion, the real fashion white, sisters who like white don’t miss it! It can completely satisfy your fantasy of white pants, the inside is covered with fluff, fine and thick, very textured and warm, put in the same as wrapped in a small blanket, the warm comfort is definitely beyond your expectations!

The legs are turned a little to make cropped pants, with small white shoes/ankle boots, cold and windy mornings, pedestrians on the road are tightly wrapped and bloated, and you are light and free, rare and unique off-white, with a sense of precipitation of light colors, in autumn and winter dark heavy tops, can play a good role in color balance, unlock autumn and winter wear, light color bottoms will be a stroke of God.

This is the one that workplace beauties are vying to keep for themselves! Warm and thin, two versions of wide leg/straight leg, one for the winter! Warm without losing your aura! A thick layer of delicate short pile is warm as soon as it is attached to the legs, the cold air in winter does not exist at all, the fit is loose, so the effect of hiding meat is very good, and the fine check fills the details, and the fashion is doubled! It’s not tired of looking at it.

Herringbone contrast flange, very foreign, wearing it will not feel monotonous and dull at all, the design of the flange is more layered, with the wide-legged version, it is the aura of urban LADY!

A good pants shape at a glance, the upper body is thin and tall, corduroy pants are popular this year is not unreasonable, the vertical lines visually stretch the leg line, has a good modification effect. It is smooth to the touch, and the drape is also very good! Comfort can be compared to sporty pants.

Compound lining inside, double warmth! The touch is warm, there is no discomfort in wearing it directly in winter, and it is really warm without ventilation! The high waist protects the waist and abdomen from cold, and the elastic waist + drawstring is really intimate! This kind of loose straight pants is easy to wear the sense of déjà vu with long legs, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin this pants type does not have to worry about entering directly! The upper leg is as smooth as flowing clouds! Look tall and thin!

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